ADHD is a disorder that most people know. A child with ADHD include hyperactivity, impulsive and has great concentration. Important to realize is that not every child that is hyperactive, by definition, has ADHD. ADHD is taking place mainly in the mind of the child, so they have extreme difficulty with organizing thoughts, actions and often no good link between cause and effect can explain. Children with ADHD are often described as 'busybodies' and 'easily distracted'. For example, children with ADHD is very difficult in the classroom in their place to sit. They wander around the classroom and keep other children from their work. When they are in place, for example, are they or will they constantly squirm their stuff on the ground. Children with ADHD often do not keep long games where they must be careful. If they play with toys or games they do so in a way and they rommilige example is very careless with the toys, which toys quickly fail. Often children with ADHD as typified blabbermouth, because everything they think immediately throw out or interrupt others before they have completed their sentence. The characteristics of ADHD are especially visible when the child needs to be made, eg where the child an assignment at school to perform. When the child is free to play and can go his own way, the characteristics of ADHD much less noticeable. Characteristics of problems with attention that children with ADHD may have are: Often makes careless mistakes in schoolwork or other activities during and little attention to details. Has great difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities. Often does not seem to listen when someone tells what. Often fails in order to follow instructions or do tasks that are assigned. Has difficulty organizing tasks or activities. Does not prefer jobs where you long to be careful. Is often (important) belongings. Is easily distracted by things that happen around him. Frequently forgets things he or she should do. Impulsiveness Features of impulsivity in children with ADHD are: Can be difficult to wait his turn (such as during a game or when standing in line). Often interferes with other people when they are busy with something or doing. Shows often answer before the question is fully asked. eel of the above characteristics are in every child sometime. That does not mean that once a child has ADHD. In order to have ADHD, a child at least six of the above behaviors show for a long time seriously (at least half a year). It is very important that the child's behavior deviates from what a child of that age can expect. Also, the behavior in at least two situations. This means that a child at home in the family, such as problems at school should have. Children with ADHD can be very different. Some children only have attention problems, others are only truly moving and impulsive. You also have a group of children with ADHD show that both characteristics. They exhibit both inattention and impulsive behavior and pressure.


Beth - posted on 03/06/2012




I'm pretty sure that most if not all of us in this community know these things already. DX for adhd isn't done because lightly.





Are all different faces of the same disorder.

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