Bad Handwriting, how to combat it?

Beth - posted on 06/13/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Does anyone else have kiddos that struggle with handwriting? My daughter is 10 going into the 5th grade and her handwriting now is worse than it was when she was in kindergarten where they actually practiced it. Does anyone have any tips on improving handwriting? I know practicing is one way but is there anything else besides just writing over and over again? I am not sure that will go over well with her and if I can't get her to do it it won't help her anyway.


Sandy - posted on 06/18/2012




There is a disability called Dysgraphia (basically terrible hand-writing). It is in the same "category" as dyslexia. Our son has been diagnosed with it. His handwriting may get better, but not great. Does your daughter have a hard time with spacing her words and writing letters all the same size? This is a part of it. OT has helped some, but it will always be bad. You get used to being able to read it, and our son's teacher did. But as they get older, so much is done on computers now that we've been told not to worry so much about it. Our son has taken to tracing pictures from books and we are hoping that might help him some.

Children with dysgraphia also have a hard time with Geometry because they have a hard time with seeing spatially.

Something to ask your doctor to have tested.

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Coloring can be a great way to work those fine motor skills for handwriting. I know my son really struggled with handwriting around the same age. We've used A Reason for Handwriting for practice. Since, she's not a fan of practice, perhaps you can have her write anything she wants, like journal? Hope you get some answers. :)

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My 9 y/o DS and 7 y/o DS both have horrible handwriting! DS1 has beautiful cursive handwriting when he wants to, and can print very neatly also...when he wants to. DS2 can print neater, but holds the pencil incorrectly the teachers have not been a big help in undoing the wrong grip. I have tried at home, but he pitches a fit. Now I'm looking into OT for him.

DS1, they tried giving him a slanted desk, like a 3 ring binder type thing, because that was supposed to help. Teacher said she didn't notice any difference. They tried a triangular shaped pencil, which she said may have helped a little. If nothing else, it has alleviated the constant pencil sharpening...he would wittle them down to about an inch long and try to write with it.

Maybe try having her use a stress ball to exercise her fingers and strengthen them?


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Kellie - posted on 06/13/2012




My son has the same problem and, luckily, his teacher is very tech savvy. He has taught him how to use dragon dictation to overcome this. I am thinking that they assume his handwriting is a write-off. But, at least, he is able to find another way to communicate and hand in work that he does.

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