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Confusing, disorganized teacher for my high schooler - help!!!

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My daughter (14) just started high school and she has a very disorganized teacher for English (my daughter's worst subject). My daughter, as well as her classmates, are very confused in class. The homework is confusing, and sometimes not even assigned but asked for the next day. She goes off on tangents, even one about ADHD. My daughter does not understand what she's supposed to be learning. Today she told the class she has cancer and wears a wig, so now my daughter feels guilty about self advocating. The administration has us jumping through hoops. It's 2 weeks into class and we have talked to the counselor, then the counselor and my daughter talked to the dean. Now they want my daughter & me to talk to the teacher. I want her to have a different teacher.
I have never been so frustrated so early in the school year, and I have never asked for a teacher change. How is my daughter supposed to learn in this class???? Do I have any control/power within the whole ADA thing?? Any suggestion???/?


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Hi Melissa! Thank you for your feedback. My daughter & I have a meeting with the teacher set for Thursday after school. As a pretext, I sent an email explaining what my daughter struggles with in English as general, and then I described her struggles in this particular class. In addition, I emailed the school counselor of the meeting, as well as my concern and frustration at the situation. In addition, I have learned that the school counselor, as well as the administration is working with this teacher to streamline her (she is a new teacher to the school, although she has been teaching for 25 years elsewhere). I hope this all works, but if it does not, the school counselor has assured me that she will help my daughter's transition to a new teacher.

Melissa - posted on 09/01/2009




You absolutely have the option to have your daughter drop this class and add another. I am a high school teacher and feel your pain with regards to a select few of the teachers. I would suggest, however, that you sit down with the teacher before you do so. I don't think your daughter needs to or would want to be there. Simply explain your daughter's condition, your concerns, and request a class outline, maybe a lesson plan, list of requirements, etc. If others are suffering as well, I think it would be great to point it out to the teacher. Honestly, with the teacher's condition, she may be unaware of how she's acting and would probably appreciate the suggestions.

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