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Hi. I have a 7 year old son that was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We are giving him Concerta on the days that he has school or some other organized activity that requires him to concentrate. He is so much more confident and homework is so much easier now that I don't have to spend the entire time frustrated with him for not paying attention. We will hopefully be able to have him in behavior therapy in the next few months to help him learn to deal with some of the ADHD symptoms he can learn to control.
So far I have had support from people who really matter to us but it is nice to have support from people who are dealing with the same issues on a daily basis.


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My son also responded well to his medication, it is like a whole new world, relationship, family and home. I can even see the difference if his homework is put off until later because of schedules, the problems he has doing his work when his medicine has worn off. I didn't agree with the medicines before I was faced with the situation and realized how much better of a life the medicine can give my son and our family.

I know we still have our tough times and I still need a place to turn to express those without judgement. Please share stories good, bad and ugly because we all have them to share.

Welcome to the community.

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