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my son nathan is 6years old with adhd, add, and odd. his kindegarten teacher is not helping much. he is in a title 1 school but i don't feel he is being helped. someone please help me


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Also request a 504 plan. You need a letter from your pediatrician stating the medical diagnoses the child has and you take it to the school and request a 504 meeting. If your child doesn't qualify for special education, they definitely qualify for this under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I agree with Toni, you are your child's best and sometimes only advocate. Keep pushing and I hope your child got a more educated teacher this year.

Toni - posted on 04/11/2011




Here is where you start. Get a OHI form to get your child into Special Education, she needs this. Smaller classrooms more attention. Second contact the principal and councilor at the school and request an ARD meeting asap. If none of the above works or gets the results you feel necessary then contact the head of special education at the administration office, you can usually find out who this is from the district web site. You need to get this done asap so that next year you are moving forward in a positive direction. Remember YOU are your child's only advocate, not the doctors, teachers, therapist etc, only YOU. Fight girl it's only up from here. Been there done it, my son has been getting special attention since 3rd grade, but I had to get backbone and stand up, oh yea and if you even mention a lawyer, they will jump through hoops. lol Good luck and god bless.

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One thing I have found is that unless a teacher has a child herself with ADHD she really won't understand it. I always made a point of getting to know the teacher and teaching her what works with my child. I schedule meetings at the beginning of the school year with her and attempt to help her help my child.

The other thing you need to do is make sure the school knows that your child has been officially diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and ODD. He will most likely qualify for Special Education under “Other Health Impairment”, which is one of the 14 categories of disability listed in The U.S. special education law. You need to tell the school that your son needs an IEP (Individual Education Plan) that spells out what his teacher needs to do to help him learn. He may also need a BIP (Behavior Improvement Plan). Once these are in place the school and his teacher must follow the IEP. You will also meet with the school at least once a year but more often if you decide it is necessary at a gathering called an ARD meeting. This is where you first create the IEP and BIP and make any changes that may be needed. One suggestion: always take a recording device to the ARD meetings and record the whole thing.

My son, who is ADHD, ODD and Bipolar, has had both an IEP and a BIP since first grade. His schooling has had its up and downs because there are a few teachers and sometimes administrators who sometimes don't believe in ADHD. At one point we even had to go so far as to sue the district to get my son what he needed. His elementary school actually lost him twice in second grade. They sent him to go get on the bus but no one checked to see that he did and he simply left the school to go see a race car stored in someone's yard.

Throughout all this our psychologist has been very, very helpful. In many states there is also an advocacy group that can help you with the legal and technical aspects. In Texas we have Advocacy, Inc., which when necessary can supply a knowledgeable person to attend the ARD meeting with you so the school can't ignore your requests.

Good luck. It will be a learning experience for certain, but you are your child's best advocate. Never forget that you are fighting for his future.

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We found out my son had ADHD/ODD in the last few month of kindergarten. His teacher was not very understanding, her way of dealing with it was to let him do what he wanted, to the point that he would go to the restroom and stay in there for an hour, she would let him walk around the room, would not believe the stuff he did because he could. So, needles to say when he got into 1st grade he teacher had a better understanding with him her son had ADHD, but he was so use to going about his way that he had a very hard time adjusting to it. The first few weeks were rough but we going him on a schedule and that really seemed to help him.

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What is she not helping with? Have you met with the teacher and/or the school counselor to voice your concerns? Is she a young teacher? Is he on medication? I'm teacher, so I can give you some information from that point of view as well as a parent of 2 children with ADD, ADHD, ODD, one also with Tourettes and Generalized Anxiety.

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