how do u deal with a 14 year old with adhd


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Shondeleena - posted on 06/27/2009




I have an 11 year old who constantly has to redone homework from the last night. He starts off well and then all of the sudden he forgets what he was doing as if he didn't know he was doing his homeowrk, but when he is playing a video game he'll sit for hours fumbling with the thing. It's weird and confusing. His teachers have all but given up on him and want him medicated. He can concentrate but only with things he like to do. Do you think it's something more than ADHD?

User - posted on 06/22/2009




hi my son has just turned thirteen and we have a big problem with his anger he says the most hurtful things to us at times but ten minutes later acts as if nothing has happened and wonders why we are upset with him. as for the homework he has a homework diary that his teachers have to fill in at every lesson he forgets alot of the time so we are asking the teachers to email his homework home because according to my son he never gets homework or he doesn't have to do it so we have to battle every night to get him to do any he is on concerta 54mg which has helped alot and he has a brilliant sense of humour so it's not all bad xx

Noel - posted on 06/20/2009




Hello, I also have a 14 y/o with ADHD. what problem(s) are you having? Our main problem with our son is his anger control issues. During the school year it is having him do his homework. we have tried alot of things and some have helped and some havn't.

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