Is anyone using holistic or natural remedies?

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I am wanting to try diet and vitamins for my son, He is on concerta and they are wanting to up the meds again. Has anyone tried this? I am up for any suggestions


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Angie - posted on 09/30/2009




Omega 3-6-9 fish oil, flax oil. Melatonin for sleep. Try to find a naturopath. They can run tests on mineral depletion and such and help you come up with a diet/supplement plan.

Jacque - posted on 09/26/2009




My son is ADHD and has been all of his 32 years of life. They didn't call it ADD or ADHD back then. They had no name for it. When he was 5 we (a dietician and Me) put him on a special diet because I refused to put him on meds. Feingold Diet for Hyperactive Children. We pulled him off of all wheat products, all processed foods, all salt, and dairy products. Then put him on a regiment of vitamins. This helped tremendously. He was finally able to focus, didn't climb the walls anymore out of boardum. Today his still stays away from salts, processed foods, modifies his wheat consumption and limits his dairy consumption because of kidney stone problems. You should be able to find the Feingold diet book at the library so you can choose the items in it that you might feel could be helpful but you really need to read about the reasons for this diet. If you also watch the dyes that are in the foods could help alot. It is amazing what will affect a childs behavior. Have the doctors said anything about an allergy test? Allergies can cause symptems like ADHD. Good luck with you challenge. I am raising one of my grandsons who have ADHD. I have taken him off of Aderal XR because of his side affects and we are working with his diet to help him focus. Once again I am looking in the Feingold book to assist me with our meals.

Laura - posted on 09/22/2009




DD is borderline and I give her omega gummy vitamins. I haven't changed her diet. I'm really big into organic and whole foods anyway. I read up on red dyes, but it turns out that I don't buy those things. I figure diet and vitamins couldn't hurt.

I made a linen spray with pillow potion (an essential oil from Aura Cacia) to help DD fall to sleep.

Rhashidah - posted on 09/22/2009




You might want to check out Attend. It's an amalgation of herbs, vitamins, amino acids and other natural ingrediants. We do a med vaca in the summer, and we used Attend. It was very helpful, but for school, well she needs something that will help her focus more. With her med, she takes a B-complex, Omega-3, multivitamin, calcium, L-tyrosine and zinc when we can get her to do it. We also retrict refined sugars. Instead we use agave, honey, or raw sugar. We also restrict dyes, artificial flavors, MSG, and high sodium foods. Instead she snacks on nuts, dried squid and certain fruits. We tried to follow the Feingold diet, but found it difficult for our household.

If you like, check out my blog for more info on Attend and other things we've tried:

Carolyn - posted on 09/22/2009




If you are interested, I have tried a few things some people have found useful. Have a look at the conversation: Which medication - if any- is best? I posted it a few days ago.

I have also taken my son to a Chinese medicine specialist who tried to do iridology on him (but couldn't because my son found it impossible to keep from moving his eyes) and then the Chinese medicine man used a tiny diving rod to choose some herbs from a list he had. He then wanted to sell me a concoction of these herbs (such as hibiscus, arrowroot, etc) for an exhorbiant price. I didn't think much of it.

I have also had my son to a cranial osteopath. Someone once recommended that realigning the skull may help because if the plates are not in the right place, which may have occurred during birth, it can put undue pressure on parts of the brain.

I am actually most inclined to think that genetic inheritance was the biggest factor in my son's personality traits considering his dad was medicated for hyperactivity as a child, and I am one of those people who must constantly be doing something.

Melissa - posted on 09/21/2009




We switched from meds to diet and vitamins, and we'll never go back. We also changed our household @----chemical free cleaners, plenty of exercise and outside time, and good bedtime routine. Feel free to visit for added tips.

Chrishawn - posted on 09/21/2009




My son is going to a chiropractic/nutritionist. He has him taking a pro-biotic, cod liver oil, multi-minerals and a homeopathic. We have only been on it a month. He has also said, remove all MSG's from his diet. I am having trouble getting all those things out of his diet.. but I am optimistic about it and hope it will help. I'll keep you posted!

June - posted on 09/21/2009




i have never used concerta i have only herd bad things about it my two children are on ritalin and i have had nothing but success with it. i tried others and we have always gone back to this. my oldest son is 13 and he can feel the differance in himself.

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I haven't found changes in diet that affected my son. I desperately wanted him to try melatonin to help him sleep but he refuses. Sleep hygiene has been the best so far ( regular schedule and bedtime routines).

April - posted on 09/20/2009




It all depends on your child's individual needs and what your pediatrician recommends. For some kids excess sugar, dyes, or wheat adds the symptoms. With my daughter, she is on Strattera 18mg in am and 10 mg at noon but she also takes a multivitamin, omega 3 and at night melatonin for sleep. We had tried valarian root but it was difficult to give it to her. The pill form gave her a stomach ache and the liquid smells bad. We also have reduced her sugar intake and try to give her as much organic, nutrient rich foods as possible. Whatever you do make sure you discuss it with your doctor and keep the school informed. I give the teacher rub on tattoos instead of the candies she hands out for prizes for good work. My daughter feels extra special because she gets a prize no one else gets.

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