Is there anything natural out there that can help with ADHD?

Jessi - posted on 02/21/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




I have a five year old son that has ADHD. I took him to a specialist for diagonsis. He wants to put him on Tenex. Is there anything else I can do besides give him meds? His problem is mostly with hyperactive. He has some focus issues but we have seem to get though that with routine. When he gets mad or upset it is to the extreme. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Durga - posted on 02/24/2009




There's many non-pharmaceutical approaches you can take - check out for a nutritional approach that has made a huge difference for my son. Also the Celebrate Calm newsletters are very helpful. I started out our journey by joining a yahoo group called ADHD_drugfree which has a huge number of files and links to check out, as well as very helpful participants who share their experiences.

Good luck!


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Anonymous - posted on 07/07/2015




congratulations-you're taking those steps towards completely ruining your son's life.
with ADHD, often whilst trying to stay calm in an arguement or dealing with a frustrating task like math, science, reading, or learning a new language, every second is excruciatingly painful. not medicating when they need it is one of the worst things a parent can do. i am disgusted parents who can afford it still don't medicate in this day and age. it's like instead of giving a prosthetic leg to an amputee child, you just tell them if they do enough yoga and drink enough tea, the leg will grow back. when your child is an adult, if they arent too brainwashed, they will resent you.

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You may wish to try a brain-based treatment. My clinic Cerebral Fitness, has an evidence-based approach that is considered a Level-1 Best Support for ADHD. You should also have your public school do an IEP so that your child can get all needed therapies and accommodations. Best wishes in your journey.
-Dr DeLaCroix

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Hi, you might want to have a look at using Effalex which is long chain fatty acids naturally occuring in oily fish! They are marketed over here in the UK as IQ tablets I think. Completely natural and I've used them when my son was young to get him to slow down enough to 'get his words out'! lol

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I would recommend talking to a holistic practioner before you decide to put your child on anything because even holistic or herbal preperations can be toxic if not dosed correctly.

That being said, there are organic, herbal remedies that can help with ADHD, as well as diet plays a big part in treating it. Foods with high food coloring content, as well as processed foods such as Alpha Ghetis and Spaghetti O's has been shown in scientific studies to cause ADHD.

Also be prepared to meet some resistance when you tell your family doctor that you have chosen to go the natural route as most family doctors recieve money for issuing certain medications. My doctor was a big fan of Ritalin and Dexidrene and when I told him that I was going to go the holistic route, he was not to happy about it, but I figured any doctor who would write a script for a Amphetamine for a 7 year old without any external testing probably didn't have the best interests of my child at heart.

Don't get me wrong, for some children narcotics are the only thing that works for them but I believe they should be used as a last resort not a first choice.

Go into your local nutrition house and inquire as to what options they have, and also ask them to refer you to a good herbalist or holistic healer in your area.

And don't forget proper nutrition goes a long way to helping your child get the best go at the day, and also effects their energy levels and attitudes.

Best of luck to you and your family with this battle. It is a winable one. My son has been med free now for 3 years, and with the exception of the occasional outburst he is functioning at top form.

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I just started my 5 year old on meds last month and it is working for him. But, if you don't want to try the meds and behavior mods don't seem to be working (they did not for us until he went on meds), our behavioral psychologist recommended a woman in Illinois named Cara Lindell - - I am not totally sure what her methods are as we have not called her yet. But, maybe you can look at her site and try to find someone near you. I have also heard of light therapy as an option (also untried by me).

As far as dealing with him when he gets upset, we have noticed the quieter and more in control we stay, the quicker he calms down. I often give him a time out - not as a punishment but instead to let him calm down, that is how I phrase it to him - "go to your room for 5 minutes to calm yourself down." It usually works in the first five minutes, sometimes there is a round two though. I may come to find a room that needs to be cleaned up but at least he has calmed down.

As far as the hyperactive part goes, my son is also primarily hyperactive. I try to keep him busy at all times with as much physical activity as possible. We have found group sports don't quite work for him but individual sports/one on one with a teacher or coach like tennis, skating, swimming and running around the park work well. He also likes to vaccuum - something about lugging that heavy machine and hearing the hum calm him down. We also bought a small trampoline that sits in front of the entry way mirror - he loves to jump to music and watch himself. And now he prefers jazz (no words) music.

Ask the teacher if he can get up, help with bringing books back to the library, go for a run in the gym, etc. when he gets active in school. They usually have an aide in the room that can spare the few minutes it takes to help him get the energy out mid-day.

I wish you luck. Do your best.

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Hi,my son is 7 and has been on equasym XL for just over a year now. he had adhd and odd and was extremely violent. itgot sobad that he and my 1 year old adn indeed my unborn have all been placed on the child protection register. however I have come across hypnotherapy, the change is fantastic! the great thing is that he doesn' tactually have to be listening and it works, the change in him is amazing i just wish social services would leave us alone now. you should try it .if you want a could send you a copy of the script.

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My son is also five years old he's been on Tenex for a week now.He has bad days in school and the doctor says it should calm him down. We have not seen a difference yet except he's taking naps at school now, without giving them trouble. He's only in preschool.My son could care less if he gets in trouble.

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