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First time poster, long time lurker... and a huge fan of the discussions that occur here!

Juice Plus? I've read 'their' literature, but what do you think? Effective?

QUICK BACKGROUND - We have two children. Our youngest, Alex - 3, would beconsidered neurotypical. Our oldest, Jack - 5 tomorrow - has been dx with SPD, ADHD-C, and Anxiety. We have been using Melatonin for 15 months and have been extremely pleased with the resolution of sleep onset issues. Medication-wise, we are taking baby steps. Recently we did a two week trial with Tenex, it was a fail for him (increasing agitation, aggression). Dietarily, we are in sort of a cross-fire. With SPD, many foods are unappealling (texture, smell), and we have resorted to life with chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and oatmeal. Go figure! When he was 2.5, our family went GCFC and the success was immediate. After 6 months, we began to reintroduce and the negative results presented right away. However, we 'broke the seal' and have been eating traditionally since that point. Costs are the biggest issue, rivaled with the convenience factor. Boo.

So here we are, on the eve of his fifth birthday. Months and months (years) of reading under our belt. Physican referrals galore. Presently, we have two promising appointments scheduled in the upcoming weeks to discuss the affect, the diagnosis', underlying causes or triggers.

In the recent months, he has lost weight and his BMI indicates that he is malnurioushed. Behaviors are out of control. I know that diet is a HUGE component in wellness, but I fear that there are too many gimmicks out there. My dollars (literally, there are none - unemployment has ravaged our family) have to be thoughtfully spent.

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Lori - posted on 12/18/2014




My family recently started taking Juice Plus supplements. I have two girls 4 and 6. My youngest has been assessed with Asperger's and my 6 year old is being assessed currently for ADHD. We started the products because my Aspie had a VERY limited diet and I was concerned about her nutrition. The children's doses are gummies and I can get both girls to take them. We haven't been on the product long enough to see any changes yet. It does provide me with the confidence that they girls are at least getting the nutrients they need daily so I can focus on other areas of concern. I like that it is a whole food product and not just a gummie vitamin. It's about $50 a month for the adult supplements and you get the children's for free. I'm going to do the full 3 months and then make an assessment.

Trista - posted on 12/07/2014




Sorry this is so late but yes I believe in juice plus it has helped my family and many of my friends. When you sign up for the children's health study it's really not bad at all...it gives children more nutrition stronger immune system ...better attention spans and lots more..if you are still interested message me back I'll gladly give you some info on it

Phyllis - posted on 06/14/2010




I'm not sure just what you mean by Juice Plus... I know we buy very little juice, but when I do I buy the Fruit plus Protein, or Fruit plus veggie juices. For weight gain I was using Ensure or Boost or sometimes Enfagrow for my son (now 7). These were sooo expensive and since he needed calories more than anything (he loves veggies and has a pretty balanced diet, just doesn't eat much during the day) I started buying the Carnation instant breakfast. The powder packages have 300 calories and 15g protein. They have the consistency of Nestle Quick chocolate milk powder and taste about the same. My son has some issues with textures of food, and does not mind these. I usually give him one after his normal breakfast in the morning, and send one to school with him as he does not eat much at lunch otherwise. Thats an extra 600 calories per day, and he takes a multi vitamin. Cost wise, these are 10 packets for about 6$ here, as opposed to 6 bottles for 15$ of other meal replacements.

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