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Nicole - posted on 08/21/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter was diagnosed ADHD at 5 and is now almost 8. She attends a Montessori School. Her doctor doesn't think this is a good idea but her teachers have been really helpful and with her meds she is doing well with daily work. Has anyone out there had positive/negative experience with their child attending a Montessori based school?


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Charlotte - posted on 09/27/2009




My soon to be 6 year old daughter just switched from Montessori (has been there since she was 2 yrs old) to public school. Not because we were unhappy with Montessori, but because we moved out of the area. She just started Kindergarten and is ahead of many of the children in her class in terms of being prepared for Kindergarten. She has severe ADHD and has PDD- we were so nervous that she would not be ready but Montessori really prepared her well. I would not hesitate to put her back in the Montessori environment should that be necessary. I actually think there was a lot of structure in her Montessori environment. The daily routines were certainly predictable the big difference (to me anyway) is that in Montessori there is freedom of movement which can be hugely advantageous to our ADHD kids.

Pauline - posted on 09/27/2009




My 7 yr old Dd is in the montessori system. She was innitially in an ordinary school, at 61/2, she couldn't read her letters or count past 12. I changed her school as she was being bullied & losing her confidence. Within 3 weeks in the Montessori, she was reading! One yr on, she scored above average in Maths & high average in English (on the National scoring system). Her tables test was a total disaster though! She was diagnosed ADHD, primarly ADD at 7, she is not on meds as she is coping with school work although keeping her on task is a challange & homework is a nightmare.

Her school is excellant, the system has definitly worked for her & while she still does not have lots of friends, she is coping much better socially too. Her self confidence is back, she si a different child even though we still have the ADHD issues.

Alison - posted on 08/28/2009




I know that doctors know a lot, but they do not necessarily know everything. A lot of doctors also tend to be old school and shoe alternative approaches. Ultimately, you and the teachers are the ones who can tell what is best for your child. I think we all know that traditional classrooms are not effective with ADHD children.

I would tend to put my child in something more structured, but maybe that is not ideal. Children with ADHD focus very well on activities that they are interested in. I understand that the Montessori method allows the child to make a lot of choices on her own. It also uses activities more than text books.

Your doctor is probably concerned that your daughter will not learn how to function in a regular classroom, but if she is learning and building her self-esteem, I would worry about the traditional classroom when the time comes.

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