My 5yr old son who has ADHD/Bipolar

Tiffany - posted on 02/25/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son Tanner was a very happy baby. He seemed to do everything ahead of schedule. Tanner was 8lbs 3oz and 21 inches when he was born. Tanner is 62 lbs now and almost 4ft tall. Tanner has always been bigger then the children his age and adults always think he is older then he is. That is a problem cause they treat him different and seem to expect more from him.

I knew there was something different with Tanner at age 2 1/2... he was not like all the other kids with his behavior. I kept telling his Pedi about it and she said he is fine he is just 2 everything will be ok. It wasn't he didn't listen to me, he has no fear . He started getting out of the house and got into everything. The main issue was he did not listen. We went thru 6 daycares in 2 months until we found a day care that would except him for him. After a few times of getting out of the house and once at 9 pm at night and being gone for 30 mins and having to call 911. His Pedi said maybe it is time for him to see another doctor.

So at 4yrs old I took him to see a Psychiatrist she said he had ADHD and we started with Adderall.
That worked for a little while then she changed his meds...3 months later Tanner's behavior had just gotten so out of control that he was addmitted to Cooks Childrens Hospital in the Psychiatry Program Jan 09. He was there for 12 days and then I was told Tanner not only has ADHD but also Bipolar, but for his age they didn't call it that it was 2 different Mood disorders.

So his Meds where changed again new ones added, the ADHD Meds changed so much I cannot remember all of them but he stayed on Abilify for almost 1 year. Tanner's Mood and behavior got so extreme he had to be put back in Cooks Nov 09 stayed there for 22 days missed Thanksgiving.. they had him on so many meds and had to sedate him many times. Nothing seemed to work. They finally were forced to release him even with nothing helping. His doctor said he needed to go to North Texas State Hospital due to he needed more testing and there was more that they could offer. Tanner was denied due to his age, min age had to be 6yrs old.

So Tanner came home out of control more then ever and was here for 8 days before returning back to Cooks for another 13 days in Dec 09 and missed Christmas. This time I had the Head Doctor of the dept take Tanner's case. He had consults with other doctors and tests done. Tanner had an MRI done and different blood tests done, anything trying to explain Tanner's violent behavior and Mood Swings.. Then tests came back normal. Still nothing has changed other then more Meds.. Tanner is completely out of control.. he is always trying to hurt me or his baby sister ( 2yrs old) or his Grandma. Tanner says that Monsters talk to him and tell him to kill all of us. I have told the doctors about this and him trying to choke me. They say yes he needs a lot of help, but where they send me to will not help me because I have Private Ins and not Medicaide. It is such BS** I go out of my way asking for all the help for my son I can get and it is just stupid that the State will not help me because I have Private Ins.

There is just no meds that help and I know he needs more then meds to help, but having an extreme had time getting the help I need. I will not give my kid to the State to give him help, cause that has be mentioned... they can kiss my ass on that. You don't need to have my kid to help me!

Just wonder if anyone has as much problems with their child as I do and Doctors and Behavior Health Depts.

Thanks for taking the time to read and any suggestions are welcome.


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Maranda - posted on 08/31/2012




My son also was in a 2 week program at children's where he to was said to b severely adhd and have a mood disorder......bipolar..... they put him on vyvanse and respiridone, which worked wonders...I have recently under went a huge move nd he once again so out of control I find myself crying and upset wondering what I could have done different.....the two meds work wonders but he has grown out of them.....I feel ur pain......

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Tiffany, Oh how I wish I could get you in touch with our old Dr. that got my 11 yr. old and I stabilized on med's. I know that acupuncture can be very beneficial. We live in ALBQ., NM. My son does get upset and quite angry with his younger brother and myself. We finally have him on Propranalol, Vyvanse, Seroquel and Carbetrol. The times when Robert is really getting mad I give him 10 Mg. of Abilify. That usually calms him down enough that I don't have to get in a fight with him.

I know the younger the child, the harder it is. I couldn't even get him diagnosed until age 6, I believe. Then their was finding a Dr. that knew anything about children and their behaviors. Our Dr. we found was amazing. It took about 6 months of trying different Rx's, but it was finally the vyvanse that really helped. He takes 70 MG., just like I do. I would suggest talking to an acupuncturist first. And then see what they can do.They helped me with PTSD and I couldn't believe it. Possibly try hypnotherapist too.

I know that has helped my friend and her kids. We will be trying that as soon as we have the money. We have a $1400 deductible that we have to pay 100% of for Dr. visits and Rx's.

Best of luck to you and your son. God Bless you.

Nina Hook

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I don't know about TX, but in PA there is a loophole in the coverage for Medicaid that allows the diagnosis of ADHD to automatically qualify your child, even if you make too much or have private ins. Worth checking in to. And don't give up, I would look into taking your son to other drs for 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions, until you find someone to help your son and you. That's the thing with childhood disorders like this, they are just affecting him, but rather the whole family. Keep looking until you find someone that knows that.

Sheldon - posted on 02/26/2010




were do u live???????? this sounds like some doc needs to get off there arse and find out wht is going on and bloody help him dont let them sweep u under the carpet

start with geting a new doc and a 2nd appinion there is plenty they can do to help you and your son with out saying to give him to the state coz if they can help him there they can do the bloody same when he's wif you get u a new doc who knows wht they doing and revew the meds

good luck hope it gets better for you all soon :)

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