my 8 year old daughter is struggling with school and life in general!

Donna - posted on 10/07/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




i am amother of 2 my oldest having ADHD, ODD, RAD, and SAD...
over the last few months we have found ourselves dealingmore and more with her seperation anxiety and her other behaviors getting worse..... she has been in and out of our treatment facility. for the last few months.... it has come down to the facility askingme to temporary place her in child protective services witha group home..... but what i dont understand is how will a group home help her? the same issues willstill be there for her..... the facility has also said they arent equipped to deal witha child of this statue..... so where can i find a facility that is equipped........ i am willing ot move do whatever it takes to help my child. her meds are fine... but its jsut getting worse...
i am a struggling mother reaching out for any kind of advice at this point in time......


Jessica - posted on 10/16/2011




Dear Donna... I am sorry to hear of all the trouble you are having with your daughter and that she is having a very hard time right now... I can understand that is hard to deal with a difficult child as I have had many friends with similar issues... When I read your post one friend in particular came to mind... She has a daughter with a great deal of problems both mental and physical and was in the last few years faced with a similar issue... Her daughter is mentally retarded and is regressing mentally... She had previously sent her to a "normal" school in the district where she lives and then to an alternative school with no major progress... With limited options she decided that maybe it would be best if her daughter went to a group home where she might learn a little more independence and maybe be able to live semi on her own... The only issue she was having is that it was about an hour or two away from where she lives... To my knowledge she has since sent her daughter there and is doing well... Group homes are not all bad in that they do help teach a child or in my friend's case a young adult how to deal with life and social situations... For children like my friend's daughter there aren't many options and maybe it would be best for your daughter as well... I do know that the facility that she was going to allowed her parents to visit frequently... The only thing I can suggest is to do your homework on the home that you may want to send her to... I can only imagine what it must be like to be faced with such a decision and to have no other choice but to send her away... I hope this will help you in making your decision with your daughter...

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