My 8 year old son has ADHD. Does anyone use a chart to list goals and track positive behaviors? What are the realistic goals?


Rochell - posted on 01/25/2012




We use a chart... Say we have 8 things for one day (not chores, but simple things) 1. Brush teeth 2. Put shoes on shoe rack 3.Sit nicely at dinner with family 4.Brush teeth 5.Play nicely with sibblings without yelling or hitting 6.Have movie ready for bed 7.Put on PJ's 8.Stay in room all night .... The first week.. he must earn at least 3 stars per day, which at the end of the day will give him 1 ticket (bought a role from the dollar store) at the end of the week, if he has at least 5 tickets, he may use them to have a blind fold put on and get a surprise out of the treasure chest that we made. There are little things, maybe a couple pieces of legos' in an egg, or a 25 cent toy out of gumball game, people give us their fast food toys from Happy meals... etc... Each week, expectations go up (must earn one more star per day to get ticket, and one more ticket per week to get treasure chest prize) Once these are all mastered, then... we start to add a couple chores. Long process, but lots of patience I think is what we have learned with these children, so better to take it slowly and positively, then just to expect them to be able to do it all at once. Hope this helps you a little, has been a great success for us and our family. We have other children, but this is something special for our one boy, as to the other kids have many more privellages due to they act much better.... when they first fussed, I said okay.. hand over your cell phones, don't have friends over, and you don't need to go anywhere, then you can earn a quarter toy too..... attitudes changed real quick!


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Sandy - posted on 01/25/2012




It depends upon what behavior or behaviors you want to change. You may want to start with just one behavior if it is a big one or if you do not have much tine to devote to this. We have tried multiple behavior modification plans and they do not work with our boys. Not sure why, probably a mixture of reasons (they don't see the relationship of working towards a reward, they have too many requirements at school to reach a reward, they don't want any at home, my husband and I are too busy to keep up with applying the rewards...)

I suggest sitting down with him to discuss what behavior you think he needs to work on and what would be a motivator for him (5 more minutes of video games, board game with mom, pick a movie for the family, etc). I've seen plans that work on points systems, so the more points they get the bigger the prize.

As far as what kind of chart, just figure out what works best for you when you look at it. I used colored beads and I used a check off system. Both were visual for both my boys and I. The dry erase board for checking off chores, the beads to determine points after seeing what chores/goals had been achieved that day. I used a check register to keep track of the points so the boys could look at that and know how many they had.

The biggest thing to using a plan is that you and your husband both are on board and can BOTH be able to enforce it. With our family schedule, it fell to me to enforce it and I was overwhelmed at trying to keep it all going.

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