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Jamie - posted on 05/17/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi. my name is Jamie, I am a single mom, and live in Allentown PA. My son,
Devon, is 8. We are in the middle of evaluations for ADHD. He has been dx'd with
General Anxiety Disorder, Impulse Control Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance
Disorder, though I really think that all of those fall under Devon's ADHD.

Our biggest issue right now is dealing with Devon's school. He is just finishing
up 2nd grade. I have observed his classroom and teacher, and Devon is getting
zero support in the classroom.
He does have an IEP, but without a teacher who understands ADHD and is willing
and capable to work with Devon, the IEP is meaningless.
So I am looking into other education options-charter schools, private schools,
homeschool, even the possibility of moving into a better school disrict.

My question for you is, how do I begin to search for a teacher who will
understand Devon, who will be able to successfully support him, who will help
him reach his full potential?

Jamie Greenawalt
Allentown, PA


Melissa - posted on 05/18/2011




Don't give up! Your son is legally entitled to his accommodations on his IEP and you should be his advocate. The problem with moving schools/ districts is that even with a move, you could be in the same type of situation. Call an IEP meeting and discuss tour concerns with the school administration. Be specific in the accommodations that he isn't currently receiving from his teacher. It's hard to search for a teacher, because the teacher is only around for one year. Be honest with the school's administration and tell them the qualities you believe would be best in a teacher for your son (ie paiient, organizes, consistent). And advocate for your son to make certain his accommodations are adhered to. Teachers have a difficult job, and sdministration is used to dsling with bossy parents. So be calm and understanding but remain firm. Good luck!

Kim - posted on 05/18/2011




Before you change schools or districts, I would ask for an IEP meeting and express your concerns to the team in a generalized manner, rather than specifically to the teacher. Does he have a behavior plan, have they done a behavior assessment? Does he need a 1 on 1 Para? Does he need cue cards or special charts? All of these things can be added to his IEP to make him successful in any classroom. Even something as simple as a stress ball or the ability to take a walk if he needs to burn off energy or get a change in scenery. Don't be afraid to ask for anything you think will help. Whatever helps him learn best will make their lives easier in the long run too. Check your local area for child advocates, they are extremely helpful in helping parents through the IEP process (check your center for independent living for guidance, they are often free). Good luck. Feel free to message me as we have been down a long road with public school and have managed to do pretty well with help from the right places.

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