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Problems with concerta?

Avasmommy11012 - posted on 08/31/2018 ( no moms have responded yet )




Yellow and red for her daily reports 3 times a week. After the meds started she came home green every day for the last 2 months of school. After she was let out of school it became clear to me that the meds were doing absolutely nothing. I brought it up to her therapists and eventually we decided that we'd wait for school to start before making adjustments. She's 7 now and she's been in the 1st grade since August 1st. To my surprise her teacher had NO issues with her attitude. Our therapists agreed to bump her to 37mg to see if her good behavior would stretch til after school. Well I put the script in but couldn't fill it right away she ended up at school without meds for a day and was absolutely awful I got home 2 letters about her behavior and she was kicked out of the class room. I found a spare 27mg left and sent her back to school the next day and she again was her pleasant self. Now the next day with the 37mg she's had problems with behavior and the day after and today. I'm feeling so lost we just bumped her and it seems like now she's worse off than ever. I try stressing to her that she's still responsible for her behavior and self control and I've tried every punishment down to a good old paddle. Has any one else experience worse behavior after jumping up in dosage? Her academics are all on point as she gets 100% on her spelling and sight words she passes her reading and math fine but it's just the talking, The attitude , the can't sit still jitters, the weird funny lies, I'm struggling to cope yall

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