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Hi Everyone, would like to know if anyone out there has had a child on Prozac & Risperdal at the same time??? My little one is on 1.75 ml of Prozac & 18 mg of Strattera daily. Cannot go up on the dosages as his body is very sensitive to these meds so the N.P. wants me to add about 5 or 6 "drops" of Risperdal to the combination. From what I have read I am not thrilled about the side effects of the Risperdal, but all these meds have side effects don't they??? She also gave me another suggestion to try Luvox instead of the Prozac & Risperdal. Do you know of anyone taking this med ~ don't like the side effects on this one either ;).

My son is 6.5, has ADHD & severe anxiety issues ~ I also think he's got ODD & OCD but that was not diagnosed when he was 5 ~ I do see it now though. He's home from school as he got himself booted out in the middle of December being behavioral (I think he did it on purpose!!). We have a district home tutor coming daily but he HAS to go back to the social setting. He's in first grade, extremely smart, knows all the work but "hates" being there. He tells me he's never going back, can you imagine??? So while I have him here it's time to "play" with the meds to see what works...... Any answers would be greatly appreciated............

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