Punishment for a 5 yr old.

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I have a 5 yr old daughter with ADHD. We are trying to figure out punishment ideas for her. Nothing seems to work. I have taken her toys, tv, ipod, ect. away. She doesn't care. Make her stand in a corner, time out, ect. she doesn't care. Spank her.She doesn't care. I'm running out of ideas here. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!! Some of the things she does is backtalking, purposly defiant behavior ( tell her not to do something, she will look at you smile and immediatly do it again.), sticking her tongue out, crying when told no ( no she doesn't get her way when she does, so I don't know why she continues to do this,) Very difficult in the morning to get dressed, ready for school and out the door. We follow a routine. We do the same thing daily. She is very hyper, bouncy, running about, yelling, screaming for NO reason at all. Constantly yelling to get your attention, even if you have told her to wait. Running off when we are out in public, running out of my office after her class is out when I've told her to stay there........... And the list goes on and on and on and on and on............. I know no all of it she can control. She is on meds and sees a therapist. Thanks ahead of time for any ideas.


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That is true. You have to find a discipline that fits/affects the child. Like our Spencer. He is ADHD. He is a senior now but when he was little he was uncontrollable. So he got punishments like having things taken away sometimes but that and spanking didn't really phase him most of the time. WHat affected him most? Well he is and has always been an extremely social person. So when he was very difficult, he would have to stay in his room. Even to the point of having his meals in there if his behavior had been bad enough. As he got older and went thru periods of bad grades....well all the kids would wait in the mornings at our house sooooo he wasn't allowed to wait with everyone or ride the bus. Yes it was a hard ship for us but it made a big impression on him.

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I did the same thing as Connie...for anything involving the mouth (i.e. back talking, spitting, sticking out tongue, etc.), it was a teaspoon of vinegar down the hatch! We also have taken things away indefinitely (we once packed his TV, DVD player, and Wii in the attic for a month) and made my son earn them back by filling up a chart with stickers earned for "good days".

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Whew! Tough call...my son has what we call "natural consequences" When he stuck his toungue out I put a squirt of soap on it, he did not like that so he didn't do it anymore - seems extreme but we had to tap into the sensory part of his brain. Little things like taking his stuff away was not cool. We will (and this seems mean) have desert with dinner -we would make sure it was his favorite and we would eat it and he wouldn't get any...I always saved some, just in case, for the next day and 7/10 he would get it. It's a really difficult thing to discipline a kid who has no empathy - when they are five it is even harder. I hate to sound mean but with this kid - we had to create natural consequences to make it happen. He is 14 now and he is better - still has his moments and the impulse control is the weakest during full moon but otherwise he is now managable and we kind of like him most days ;o)

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Wow! You just described my daughter to a T! It might be the meds. Laci started out on ritilin. First with just 10mg a day ,but it didn't seem to have any affect at all...so they upped her to 20mg and she quit eating. She is know on Concerta 18mg....she has started to gain back the weight that she lost however she has more destructive outbursts. The only thing that I have found that works as far as discipline is this:
when she does something she knows shes not supposed to she gets her barbies taken away. She then has to earn them back one by one.
Also I have recently enrolled her in after school activites and this helps to burn off that excess energy.

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