Really Confused??? Need some advise!!!

Alicia - posted on 08/31/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have read alot of stories on here about kids with ADHD failing grades & having a hard time in school. My thing is my son who is 7 was diagnosed a couple of years ago with ADHD & he has no trouble in school regarding his school work. He is actually doing 3rd grade work in 2nd grade. If he can focus & do well on his school work maybe he was misdiagnosed??? Does anybody else have a child that has ADHD & can stay focused at school??? Maybe I am not wording this right I don't mean to offend anyone I am just curious cause my sons doctor says he is ADHD but most ADHD kids are very very smart but just can't stay focused & was wanting to know if that was the issue with most ADHD kids just staying focused???


Jennifer - posted on 03/24/2011




I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as an adult. In the primary grades I did exceptionally well, partly because I am a genius. I was especially good at reading and could focus on it very well because I enjoyed it. ADD doesn't mean you can't pay attention, but rather that you have difficulty regulating your attention. If something is too hard or not interesting, I can feel my mind just slipping away from it. If I am interested, I have a very difficult time pulling my attention AWAY from what I am doing. For example, as a teenager I was reading a book and my step-mom got mad at me for ignoring me when she called me, but the reality was her voice never even penetrated my awareness because I was so focused on my book.
I ran into more difficulties in higher grades because older students are expected to plan, organize, and regulate themselves more and more each year. My report cards would consistently say "not working to full potential." For me the hyperactivity was expressed by being hyper-verbal (talking a lot).
It is still possible your son was misdiagnosed.


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My daughter was diagnosed with ADD when she was 8, we were also told her IQ was that of a genius. She is in Middle school now and doesn't take ADD medicine and does get straight A's. Like Jennifer B. she is able to focus on her work but unable to keep herself organized and planning and keep her attention if something is boring to her. I do still help her with that and have had the school put in a plan to help her with that as well. Stay on top of your school and your child to help them learn how best to keep them self organized and make the school work with you. Remember you're the only one that will advocate for your child.

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I would say that if he is not on meds and is this well focused, there may be a different issue than ADHD. Not knowing the details, I cannot speculate on what else it could be though. It does not sound like ADHD though from that little bit of info. My son is ADHD/ODD and borderline CD. There are so many different things that are closely related to ADHD that it is possible to misdiagnose. Was he evaluated by a psychiatrist?

Vicki - posted on 08/31/2010




ADHD affects each child differently. My son is 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 4. He is a straight A student, reading above grade level. He is very very smart as well! Do you have your son medicated or is he unmedicated? My son does extremely well in school when he is on his meds but struggles to stay focussed off his meds. Usually what hinders the learning process is that the child with ADHD can't sit quietly and listen in class which will result in poor grades. But the medication helps to slow the brain processes down so they can focus on the teacher and what is trying to be taught. But I do know that every kid is different, I have several friends who have children with ADHD as well and their kids behave completely different than my son and their performance in school is completely different as well. I say if your son can stay focussed at school then great for both of you! That's one hurdle you won't have to jump! Hope this helps somewhat! Best of luck!

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