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Kristine - posted on 10/11/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son was on strattera for 9 days. Althought it helped him with his "wiggles" that the school was bothered by, he became angry and raged at night and early morning. It was horrible. We lost our sweet, sensitive child for those 9 days.

The side effects he experienced on 18 mg:

no eating



mood swings

anger and rage


no wiggles

no increased tics

focused better

We did not have a choice but to take him off. The side-effects outweighed the benefits. After a week, it was all out of his system. The first day off the meds was a hard day and lots of movement, but now he is happy and back to normal.


Kristine - posted on 10/18/2009




The straterra does have negative side effects as well as benefits, but when the negs outweigh the positives, the doctor said to get off. Plus if your child has violent or raging mood swings which are totally out of the ordinary, you need to be very cautious.

My child is not really hyper at all. He has PANDAS and tourettes so he moves and wiggles. I think today many teachers want kids to sit still clasping their hands (that is the way my younger son is having to be in 1st grade.) We had to take our son of of the Strattera, doctor's orders. However, even though he did his homework every day, and putting his homework on his desk, the teacher (not on straterra) would think he was scrambling to get his work done. Not true. I am a teacher and he always had his work done. So, it was not perfect on either end. My son being "normal" on the teachers terms did not mean normal like all the rest but that he still sat onhis leg, rocked in his chair. However, his grades overall are great. We have more of a problem when PANDAS is involved....OCD increases terribly almost like what happened on the Straterra. It did calm him though and took the edge off of the sillyness. He still plays soccer very well.

Yes, he was properly diagnosed. :( Three doctors said he had tourettes. Two said he had pandas. (pediatric autoimmune disorder associated with strep). We had him tested last year during his PANDAS disaster year and his attention was the pits. meds only made it worse. Now, he is healthy. And, even though he may have wiggle issues (which the teacher swears the new desk with attached chair will make it all better) his brain is not damaged by strep so he is listening even if he moves.

Thanks for responding.


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Doris - posted on 10/18/2009




These are just thoughts and ideas from my own experiences...I personally find that most of add or adhd meds have a harsh impact on a childs mood and anger for the first week or two...when my child first took medication for adhd You would have thought he was possessed...I looked at my child and thought who are you and where is my child...but it passed and thank just takes a little time and at the same time seems never ending at the time...not eating,mood swings,anger and rage can affect a normal child but with an add or adhd child it is always worse but I've come to know it can be managed with the help of the right medications and dosages...the nausea and headaches do get much better once it's been in the system long enough and it does take at least three weeks to four to fully be in the system to see how well it will work for your child...I've tried several different meds for my child and found stratera to be the best working for my child...Believe me when I tell you we had a lot of trial and error time to finally make it to this med...The improvement my child made in the first year of taking stratera was toaly amazing....such a different child...mind you you really have to find ways to stay on top of things because as my child grows the dosages need to be will know when the slight difference as your child grows...just adjust as and your doctor can sort that out as need be...One last thought- Has your child been properly it possible there may be something that may require more testing to be sure you are on th e right track when it comes to taking meds etc. I only suggest this because my child has a learning dissability as well as ...anxiety,depression, post tramatic stress dissorder etc... My childs hearing is very sensitive and with add or adhd children obsessive difiance disorder is also common...and that takes constant changes in stratigies and discipline...I feel children don't need to fit into a cookie cutter mold that the school systems tend our children to be in... the questions really should be How long does it take my child to settle down after some rough or active play and How much focus does my child have in order to learn and retain what he's been taught in school that is neccessary for all children to be able to learn which includes the so called normal child as well...What does one person consider to be NORMAL from the rest...being happy and back to normal ????'s what made you think your child wasn't already normal or is there somthing you see or saw in your child that could have a good or bad outcome for your child that make's you wonder or doubt what his future can or will be...anyhow-just trying to help and give you something to think about...oh and don't panic if you don't find the solutions right away...Rome was not built in a day...Remember you are super parents doing the best you can to help your child to achieve his potential..don't look for perfection, you'll never find it lol There are also some really good books and videos you can read and watch that can help with all the struggles of raising special needs children...One really good book is 1,2,3,Magic just don't give up, your child is worth it and looks up to you for help and support as well...I hope I've been able to help...Life itself can be a struggle for the best of

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