very young.. 3yrs 9 months old and has adhd

Mary - posted on 01/25/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




i'm hearing so many people on here that have older children with adhd. the tips are helpful.. to an extent. my oldest has adhd and i'm finding since we took her off the clonidine she's unbearable. the clonidine made her sleep. about an hour after she took the meds she was asleep on and off for 6 hours.. very nice at the time. but when she woke we could do no right. she started getting more physically abusive towards her middle sister, aged 2 yrs 9 months. but on the contrary she loves her baby sister, who just turned one..

now i'm just very much at a loss on how to deal with her. discipline doesn't help, she doesn't sleep thru the days, she's nonstop energy from the moment she wakes til we force her to bed.

i do have the melatonin, and it seems to work a lil, i've been giving her half a tablet because i'm scared one would be too much for her. can i increase this to a full tablet?

the only one thing that works to kinda 'scare' her into listening for very short periods of time is to put her on angie's high chair and buckle her in.

i think she hates sitting still and knowing she can't get out. she'll throw a major fit, scream and shout and throw her body. i'm scared she'll hurt herself this way.

me and my husband have different ways of parenting, and i think that also plays a role in it all..

i'm just harried. i wake scared thinking what is she gonna do today? what kind of things am i gonna have to deal with today? what moods? i don't want her walking round like a zombie, drugged, but most days this would be a welcome relief!!

my middle daughter follows marthas lead. so i have the two of them both working hard to drive me crazy. on top of that.. i have the one year old who is very dependant on me.. and cries and whines most of the day too!! basically i'm a mental breakdown just waiting to happen!! lol.. but i do smile and laugh..

basically i'm wondering what to do with martha!! or angie? or sarina? any help?


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Mary - posted on 01/26/2009




i do try to take time for myself and i'm trying to get funding to put the older two in day care. martha (the one with adhd) may be going to school if she scores low enough on the speech assessment. how old is your son? i'm so confused as to why she has adhd.. i didnt take any pills, she was a healthy full term baby.. i blame myself constantly! last nite my husband was telling me how frustrated he was looking after her the few hours i'm at work. so i have to worry bout how he 'looks' after her.

i could cry all day. it's so hard doing it alone each and every day. he's no help. our finances are in ruin and i have to deal with all the calls and trying to salvage something out of this mess. i wish i could just divorce the bastard. i could make it better on my own

Kat - posted on 01/26/2009




could you get her a place in a nursery to learn to interact a little better this may also help to tire her out.make sure you get a little time for yourself even just for a cup of tea, and another good thing is try and give youself an intrest in something, a book, a film, have a look aon ebay! honestly you have to keep focoused i thought i was going to loose the plot because of my son 3 days ago, thats why im on here to get a break for 5! there are also alot of methods on the internet for dealin with adhd without medicine, i know its a knightmare as im writing i have had to strap my son in his pram because he can be a danger to himself!

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