Finding Hope

Laurie - posted on 04/12/2009 ( no moms have responded yet )




Last night I was reading Luke 23 and 24 to prepare for my 4 year old Sunday School class. The problem was that my heart and mind felt completely defeated by the stress of fibro, finances, and a depressed husband. I certainly didn't feel like I thought a Sunday School teacher should feel--excited and ready to share with those in my care. I just felt empty and quite unable to do anything about it. But I read the lesson and the chapters in Luke because, regardless of how I felt, I was going to have to teach this morning. I began reading about the two disciples who were walking towards home discussing the fact that the body of Jesus was gone from the tomb and the rumors were that Jesus was alive! They were confused and probably sad because of all that happened that first Easter weekend many years ago. They had hoped Jesus would take His earthly throne and deliver them from the Romans. They didn't yet realize that Jesus was in fact alive. They also didn't know how Jesus' death and resurrection fit into God's plan. Then Jesus appeared and began walking with them. He hadn't yet revealed who He was until He explained how the Old Testament prophecies were actually fulfilled in His death and resurrection. As Jesus was eating dinner with the two men He revealed who He was and then disappeared. I can only imagine the next reaction the two men had. They must have been stunned and amazed. They immediately went to tell the other disciples.
As I finished reading the story, I realized that I also needed a one-on-one encounter with Jesus. I was empty with a need only He could fill. I needed Him to help me see how His word relates to my situation and God's plan for my life. I needed Him to break bread with me (many times God's word is compared to bread). I needed Him. Plain and simple, I needed Him. He is the one who gives me hope and strength for today and tomorrow and the rest of my life. He is the one who gives me purpose and joy for each day. He is the one that can do these very same things in your life as well. You only have to come to Him with an open heart and a strong realization of your need for Him. He can fill your empty soul and give hope and strength for tomorrow.

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