moms living with chronic pain

welcome to moms living with chronic pain. this group is here for all mothers living with chronic pain and learning how to cope with motherhood while dealing with chronic pain. we are here to listen, and help and never judge. let me introduce myself. i am iris, and i started this group becasue i really feel there is a need for it. i have been living with cronic pain caused by a disorder called RSD for 8 years now, and i have just reciently had a beautiful baby girl. since then i have had to learn how to deal with being in pain and take care of my daughter. i would love to hear from other moms in similar situations, how they deal with it all and to start a support system for those out there like me.



i am going to try to do this weekly. tips for moms living with chronic pain. things to help us and make things eaiser. if you have any tips you would like to do please submit...