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Since we've joined this group we obviously want to loose the weight and many of us may have a specific weight in mind that we would like to get down to... please let me lose that 50 pounds, let me get down to 140, etc. But what other weight loss related goals do you have? What are some of those smaller goals that you may be able to achieve before you actually loose that 50 pounds? Share your goals and hopefully by putting them out there it will help you to remember that this is a lifestyle change, not just a diet, and we can strive for smaller goals which will help keep us motivated for the larger one - getting that 50 pounds off.


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Christina - posted on 01/29/2009




That is so awesome! I love the idea of small goals I get sad when i don't lose 50lbs over night so this is a great idea.

1. to wieght 150 by the end of feb

2. to fit into the jeans i bought last year

3.to fit into my old bra size!

4. to work out 5 days next week

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I MADE MY FIRST GOAL!!!! (ok sort of). I didn't record yesterday's weight because it wasn't 185. But today I got on and I weighed in at 184.5!!!!! I am extremely excited about this progress!!!!! I started pulling out some of my smaller clothes to keep me motivated and on the right track. My new goal is to be at 178 by 2/6 for the weekly weigh in. I can't believe how much I am loosing!!!!

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I have lots of little goals other than looking at my weight. Here is my list.
1. To get down to 185 by 1/26
2. To loose enough weight and keep it off that I have to get my rings resized.
3. To fit back into my size 12/10 clothes that I kept from 4 years ago.
4. To see the collar bones defined more.
5. To keep weight off long enough to allow myself to get a breast reduction.

I'll continue to add more to my list as I progress but this is my starting point of things I would like to see rather than just see a number on the scale.

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