How do I keep motivated w/ 7 kids to feed? HELP!

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How do I keep motivated w/ 7 kids to feed? HELP! I've lost about 5lbs and started about 2 1/2 weeks ago but getting harder. Have to loose this baby weight need to have major surgery. I'm cooking all the time or planning. It's so time consuming which is something I don't have alot of. I homeschool, Love IT!!!! but another time thing. Have kids from 19yrs. to 12 weeks. Thank GOD for my 19 yr old. She's awesome. Still need ideas. Ways to make it simple Please. Thx Ladies!!!


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The crockpot is amazing, its pretty much worry free and a quick cleanup. Another thing you can get from the grocery store is the stouffers dinners, they come in bags and I believe you can get family sized ones. They are delicious and there is a good variety like roasted chicken and beef stew. Each one has a meat and veggies and it fills you up just the right amount. Also when it comes to breakfast I find Cornations breakfast anytime works wonders. Its comes in pouches of powder that you mix with a glass of milk. It gives almost all of you daily recommended vitamins and minerals. I also finds it gives me the energy I need to start of my day.

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I don't think I could have said it any better than Alyson. I was thinking the same things - precook and freeze. I buy meats in bulk then cut them up in appropriate sizes and freeze two pieces per bag so that I can just grab the bag and cook it up. I love Alyson's idea of PE and including yourself - what a model for the kids. This also goes along for Christina - if possible choose healthy snacks for the kids like fruits and veggies or low fat cheese so if you do snack with them it's healthier for you, but the kids are also learning healthy eating habits.

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i run a daycare and was having a hard time cutting out the snacking whent he kids did so I started drinking protien shakes during the day and then eating a rerular dinner

(I'm not using slim fast). That helps to keep me full and it takes no time.

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Things I love:

raw veggies, no cooking involved at all...

my stove time, its one dish, and just leave it, minimal cleanup, and there is usually food left over (in the freezer it goes)...

how much do you cook and freeze? If I had a chest freezer it would be full of pre-cooked meals that would be prepared on the weekend ('cause I'm the laziest thing) so I wouldn't have to think about it.

pre-packaged healthy snacks for the kids. we like cheese sticks and yogurt, and some crackers. makes it easy for my kid to grab a snack unassisted.

Since you are home schooling, make physical ed time the time when you engage your body too. simple exercises you can do like push-ups, crunches, squats calf raises etc are all done with your own body resistance. They are very effective. Walking is also very good...just make sure you are taking time for yourself. You can't take care of 7 kids if you aren't taking care of yourself first!!! Good luck:)

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