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I'm not sure if others are feeling the same way but I've been noticing a decline in activity within the group. I'm not sure if this is because we are all busy working out so we aren't in front of the computer as much anymore or if this is because the topics aren't catching our attention as they were before, or if there is some other reason why the amount of 'traffic' on this site is cutting down. As you may be aware our administrator Irene has taken a leave due to her hectic schedule and preparing for many races (you go girl) so I wanted to put out the question...

WHAT IDEAS DO YOU HAVE TO INCREASE THE COMMUNICATION AMONG OUR GROUP MEMBERS? Do you have any topics you would like to see on the post? Why do you come to the group site or not come to the site as often? How can this group be most beneficial to you?

Please let me know so that changes can be evaluated accordingly.

Personally I LOVE this group and find it so encouraging as it keeps me motivated to make the healthy choice and to know that I am not alone with this challenge. I like knowing that if I have a struggle with something like a certain food, or time of year, or support, or clothing, or recipes, I can come to this site and get feedback and ultimately realize I am not alone.

I would hate to see this group dissipate so please let me know any thoughts or suggestions you have to keep this group alive and have the level of conversations increase again.


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Very true with all the testing during pregnancy. Sounds like you are doing what you need to do. Don't try to cut the calories too much as you are still breastfeeding and need some of those calories for the little one. I am beginning to realize that somewhere in this weight loss process I am not normal. Many people I am reading up on are loosing very little and have gone a few months without loosing weight. I can't explain what it is that has me loosing the weight (maybe it's I've never really worked out before so my body is responding differently and saying yea it's about time you started working out. lol) Don't loose hope. It certainly seems like you have a leg up on me as you are already eating healthy while breastfeeding. I wasn't eating as great as I should so when I stopped breastfeeding I began to put the weight back on. Hopefully once you stop breastfeeding the weight will come off more for you also as your body begins to realize that it doesn't need as much. These are just some of my thoughts. Keep strong and know that you are doing the RIGHT things and that there will be a good payoff at the end.

Cheyenne - posted on 03/23/2009




Jenni, My baby is almost five months old.  I lost thirty pounds right after delivery it just fell off, and I know it takes time to gain it so it takes time to lose it, but it is very discouraging when you can go two months without even losing one pound. Also, I eat 4-5 times a day. Usually about the same as you. I guess I am going to try to see if I can cut the calories a little more, and if it dosent work I may have to see a doctor. I just dont see why they wouldnt have picked up on any condition I have with all the testing during pregnancy.

Salma - posted on 03/23/2009




Hi Jenni,

I have be AWOL for a few weeks as I have been busy with work, etc. I wish I had been "working out"! lol.

I certainly haven't lost my motivation to suceed in losing the weight and my committment to this group is just as strong.

Well done for stepping in now that Irene has moved onto pastures new.

I believe that all of us share common experiences and a bond through this group and I would like to hear from those of us that are losing faith and thinking of giving up and find ways of motivating each other.

I know that it is tough when you read that someone seems to be losing loads of weight and you feel that nothing is happening for you - please don't be afraid to voice your doubts and fears.

I know that we have to have a positive outlook but when you are having a crap day/week - then let us know as alot of us may be in the same boat.

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Thank you Cheyenne. I appreciate hearing your excitement to keep this group strong.
It sounds like you are doing a lot for a healthy lifestyle change. How old is your baby at this point? My first thought (and I'm no expert by any means) while you are eating right, how often are you eating? sometimes if we skip meals even if we are eating right we still won't loose the weight. I eat breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and sometimes another snack. If you continue to struggle, have you talked with your doctor about this? I mention this because there are a number of other women on here who have similar struggles and they've shared that they have some medical condition which makes loosing weight even harder. How long have you been doing the cardio/exercise/eat right thing? It sounds like a wonderful routine to me so at this point I would just encourage you to keep up this routine and hopefully the weight will begin to melt away. Please keep us updated. --- this is a huge reason I like the weekly weigh ins as it does keep us all updated on the progress we're making as well as gives suggestions on what others are doing to loose that weight and overcome weekly challenges.
Thank you Cheyenne for responding to the thread.

Cheyenne - posted on 03/22/2009




Hi! I just found this group, and am sad to hear that it is slowing down. I have had a very hard time losing weight after my baby and was hoping for any ideas that anyone has to help. I do cardio at least 3-5 times a week and other strength exercises and breast feed and eat right and I don't know what to do anymore!!

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