not having enough time for me!!!

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I have 2 children, 2 jobs tha require me to be there for 10 hrs per day ( 45-55 hrs week). I leave at 630 am and arrive at home 630 pm. my husband works second shift, and I find that I'm exhausted by the time I get all of my mother stuff done that I dont give myself ME time to work out, relax or sometimes to get a shower the same night. Any suggestions on how I can have me time to help me lose weight? Any suggestions would be great.


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I just wish all this good information would make my waistline far, nothing! Going to try interval running for the next few weeks to see if I get any results. I'm determined to shrink, or end up in traction :P

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Damn Alyson is good. She hit many of the points I was thinking.

Alyson - I'm going to start sending people to you when they come to me on how to lose the weight. LOL

Alyson - posted on 05/16/2009




You are one busy momma for sure!

Since you are so busy, carving out time is essential. It will help you get sick less often, it will keep you energized, and make you feel better in the brain and the body. Just how do you go about that? Well, first you need to make sure you are fueling your body with quality food. It doesn't have to be organic, but make sure you are eating fruits (berries, apples etc) and green veggies, lean meat (if you eat meat), or a protein substitute, and high fiber grains (no white pasta or bread). And you have to eat. Skipping meals is not an option, and healthy snacks need to be eaten too. The extra sugar in your diet isn't going to help you here (read: give soda and candy the boot). Drink plenty of water, and suck back a multi vitamin too!

Is your man able to help out with some of the chores before he goes to work? At least sorting the laundry, or dishes...that would be a small bonus! What about child labor? Are they old enough to be responsible for a task or two? Kids love to help!

Working out...when I was working (my schedule was similar to yours), the only time I had to me was lunch. I'd get changed and go for my 4 mile walk at lunch. What 'bout you? Do you get lunch, how long is it, do you take lunch? Do you get any breaks during the day? If you plan it right, you can do 3 mini workouts (about 10 minutes each) on breaks, and lunch. You may feel silly at first, doing push ups by your desk, but its important. What about after work? Do you sit and enjoy a favorite show? You can use this time to do some floor exercises (even if it is the news). If there are stairs at home, use them. Run up them a few times, do squats while folding towels, crunches while the kids are in the tub. Sit on a stability ball instead of a chair or the sofa. Just a few suggestions:) But, seriously sit down and take a look at your time schedule, where are your time breaks? Utilize them.

Hang in there!!!

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