Mothers Helping Mothers And Making It Work Together

This community is mothers helping mothers and making it work together.The community is for mothers that are interested in working with other mothers to help each other out and make it work together. Our goal here is for mothers to help other mothers out and join together in making it work. In this community mothers will offer different ideas and strategies to parenting that they use themselves in their own parenting to try and give other mothers different options and approaches to parenting where maybe their current methods might not be working. Mothers will also be giving advice to other mothers in order to try and help them with a current or ongoing problem they may be struggling with at home with their child(ren), and these same mothers will also be getting advice from other mothers within this community to help solve a current or ongoing problem they may be struggling with themselves at home with their own child(ren). Along with sharing ideas, giving and getting advice from each other, and researching new parenting strategies all together, mothers will also just simply be there for each other when a parenting crisis occurs to one of our members here in this community and offer their support and comfort. We will also have discussions about different parenting techniques, which ones seem to work and which ones don't. We will also just be discussing everyday problems that arise for parents, how they affect us, the children, other family members, etc., and what can be done to help prevent these situations from occurring, or what can be done to help ensure these situations do not occur again. We will also strive to develop real friendships within this community. We will do our best to be there for each other and make this community a strong tight knit community with strong bonds among each other. We will also do our best to promote honesty and integrity within our community and lay down a strong foundation in which we can build upon. So, if you are a mother with strong moral values and possess honesty, integrity, dependability, and you wish to join with other mothers that possess these same traits, and if you want to work together with these other mothers in building strong friendships, give and get advice on parenting issues, and share parenting ideas with each other then this community is is the right one for you! We look forward to getting to know all of you and hearing your wonderful ideas and all that you have to contribute to this wonderful community! God bless and take care.