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Kerrie - posted on 08/09/2009




Our current health care system is absolutely broken!! Congress is to busy listening to lobbyists who work for the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and the AMA who are all against health care reform simply because it will cut into their profit margin! However, these companies don't mind spending MILLIONS of $$ fighting this reform. OUR SYSTEM MUST CHANGE!! People are dying because of our current system. We are currently ranked #37 IN THE WORLD for health care. That is horrific! We are at the BOTTOM OF THE LIST FOR EVERY INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Our system is only better than 3rd world countries!! I don't understand why everyone is complaining about England's or Canada's current health care system. Have they actually been there to see for themselves how "horrible" it is, or are they listening to an ultra conservative republican congress/senate who don't want change? Do you know why they don't want to change the status quo?? Simply because they are all for big business growing bigger and making more money. Why, you ask, should our congress/senate care about big business and why they make so much...simple, campaign contributions and all the benefits that go with being in these companies back pockets!!!! It is all about "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". The more these Washington politicians play the "scary overseas universal health care" card, the more people will get away from the real issue....PEOPLE ARE DYING HERE FOR LACK OF AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE!!! We, the People, are not standing up for what is rightfully ours, our right to be and stay healthy!!! Our current presidential administration is trying to change that for US! Not for him. He gets free healthcare and will for the rest of his life simply because he is President of the United States. So, why should he care what the state of our country's health care is like? Simple. Unlike our last administration, he cares about US!! Not about big businesses getting wealthier! So, in my humble opinion, stop being duped by our congress/senate and remember what President Obama is fighting for.

Jeannette - posted on 08/07/2009




I agree, we need to change our current health care system, mostly because of the insurance issues. I would like to see a single bill for a hospital stay, or for treatments. Instead of a bill from radiation, the hospital, the lab, etc etc. I would like to get one bill, with one price. I would like for there to be a set price for health care. I would like to know that if you have to stay in the hospital for a heart attack it will cost X amount of dollars for anyone who is in this situation. I would like to see us have more choices in insurance. I would like to be able to get insurance coverage in Arizona if I find I can get the same or better coverage cheaper, as I could get in New York. I think we need to change our system.

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