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Ro - posted on 07/12/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hi everyone, my name is Rosemary and I have recently moved to Alabama from UK. I work as a pharmacy tech and am frequently hearing comments about the fears people have about President Obamas hopes for a new health system. So often the fears are fuelled by the same kind of rumour that abounded during the election process. How sad it is that people are only able to listen to the negative and ignore so many of the benefits of a national health system. It is certainly not perfect but there are many whose health and approach to health might be improved.

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Kerrie - posted on 08/09/2009




Mary, I think you might be on to something! Let Congress foot the bill for their own/family's health care and we would see some changes in our system FAST!! LOL

Kerrie - posted on 08/09/2009




I am all for a system that takes care of their patients and not have their hand in our pocket books. I don't know how many times I have been to the Dr. only to be given half-a**ed care b/c I don't have health insurance and if they were to really take care of me it would cost me thousands. Or to be told that I can't be seen at all b/c I don't have health insurance. Believe me, it is not by choice that I am without insurance. I am in a family of 7 and the only person without insurance coverage. I can't afford private insurance and my husband's insurance company charges OUTRAGOUS premiums for spouses. I have been in situations in my lifetime where a company that my ex husband worked for changed insurance companies to save $$ for itself only to raise the premiums to a completely unaffordable rate. I have also been with a company that decided that insurance was to expensive and cut it out completley but gave me the option to buy Cobra insurance where I had to pay $800 + a month for the same insurance! At one time in my life, I was sitting pretty with great health insurance, but the future has a way of jumping up and biting you in the a**! Believe me these things do happen! There are MILLIONS of people in our country not as lucky as some. Are we saying that just because some of us have it good right now that the rest of America should suffer so the lucky ones don't have too? Just something to think about...

Jeannette - posted on 08/07/2009




I don't know if everyone here has read the proposed health care plan that is in the Senate's hands. Would you be ok with not only paying more taxes, but being taxed on the insurance your company is providing for you? "Your income will go up because your employer will not have to pay for ins. for you", really? Because as I see how corporate America has been handling things, their overwhelming greed lent a huge hand in the financial fiasco we've suffered. I don't think the CEOs of America are going to lower their bottom line to give us back more, I think they will reap the profits-as they always have. I work for a government agency. Can I just say this...the redundency, created and recreated "new programs" are a huge waste of time and money. Our government is the least efficient of us all. My company is handing out constant reminders as to how we are about to close our doors...yet, the managers, from the bottom up waste time, effort, and money every single day. The red tape alone is a web that is a time suck and a half. I think if we were to have a "socialized" medical practice, it should be done on local levels, because our country is too big and vast for the weak minds that support our federal govt. Really, I'd rather go through my local state governor over health concerns of my state, rather than go through a congress and senate that are trying to make a one size fits all health care package.

Ruth - posted on 08/06/2009




OK, I am a RN. This is what I think - socialized health insurance, private medical care. Think it can't work? What is Medicare? No need to reinvent the wheel, people. We have the greatest nation on earth. We should be able to do this. Yes, your taxes will go up. So will your take-home pay, if your employer is paying your health care. And this means that your health care is not tied into your employment status, or non-status, as it may be. A plus for those many small-busines owners, as well, who cannot compete with big business for employees. Think about it, write about it, write to Obama about it.

Jenny - posted on 07/15/2009




It is fantastic. If someone in my family is ill we just go to our family doctor and deal with it without even thinking about it. We don't have to decide between groceries or the doctor.

I've had two pregnancies with full prenatal exams and ultrasounds birthed via C-section (due to breech) and had a tubal ligation at the same time. Didn't spend a nickel and my extended benefits paid by my partner's work covered my private room. My mother had a brain anuerysm burst at age 42 and spent three full months in intensive care with two brain surgeries and a ton of aftercare. She will not be bankrupt because of it and, again, never paid anything out. I am very proud of our healthcare system and it be full on war if anyone tried to make us switch to user-pay. Forget it!

Evelyn - posted on 07/15/2009




Sara and Mary...I just took a look over at the debating moms group for the first time and weeks and I gotta say, I don't know how you do it! God bless ya because it couldn't be me! LOL

Sara - posted on 07/15/2009




I totally agree!!! People throw in the word "socialist" and most people in this country shudder. Not sure if that's just a response left over from the cold war or what, but it's FOOLISH. Thanks for your know a lot of conservatives try to say that a public health program won't work and that people that live in countries like the UK suffer because of their socialized medicine. But, every single person I know from a country that has a public health program love it, so what the hell are these people talking about?

ME - posted on 07/12/2009




I agree with you Ro...I would never expect socialized medicine to be perfect, but i would expect it to be better for the hundreds of thousands of people who cannot afford the medical care they need, and for the hundreds of thousands of people who pay higher premiums, and higher prices because many people don't have insurance. My idea is that the United States Congress, and other elected officials should NOT get their health care paid for by US tax dollars until they pass some kind of REAL health care reform!

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