Hello Everyone!! I am new hear

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Hello Everyone!!!
I am new hear and feel like I may be out of place. I had a friend tell me that this was a good place to talk to other women who are in the process of wanting to adopt siblings, but it looks like this may be more for mothers who have already adopted their children. Since I am not sure, I will tell you a little bit about our situation. My husband and I have been married for five wonderful years and ever since the day we got married we decided we were ready to start a family. Well God had other plans and we found out a year ago that we are unable to have biological children. Some may think this is devastating, but I had been preparing myself for this news for a few years before it came. Therefor, my husband and I had already discussed adoption and we were all for it.
We are now currently in the process of trying to adopt a sibling set from foster care. We are really looking for a sib set of two or three children under the age of 6. I was just wondering if anyone else is in our shoes or has been in our shoes? If so, how did you get through the waiting periods? it seems like the longest time in the world.
Thanks for listening!! :)


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Hello Danielle,
First I'd like you to know that your story is very similiar to mine. Good luck with the whole wonderful, frustrating process. The waiting period, for us, was sheer stress. We thought it would never happen. BUT it was nothing compared to the overwhelming change that happened the day we met our 3 children. Life has never been the same (good and bad). The adaptation of going from a couple to family is not to be overlooked. Research, prepare. Our children suffer from varying degrees of RAD (common in older, institutionalized children). Prepare yourself and your husband. That's the best advice I could give. Organizing, raising 3 kids and working, laudry, shopping, doing hw, baths all the rest is not very difficult, especially when you've had the desire to parent for so long. However helping hurt children, that requires extra resources. God does have a plan for us. We just need to listen. All the best!

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