Let's BRAG about our Boys!! :-)

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My son is 7 years old and he’s a boy’s, boys…meaning he loves to play with rocks and sticks, wrestling, video games, and imaginary battles with his figurean men..LOL (those battles get loud, spit flying everywhere, as the guns go off and the bad guys are being defeated)
I could not have asked for a better son, this little guy Is not only respectful to me, but he is kind hearted to others. he has told me countless times that i am a beautiful, wounderful mother (those are his words) he is very protective of me, (One time we were at the starbucks drive thru and the bristas were taking long to get our order out, they were understaffed and had a lot of people inside and out waiting. Anyway it seem to the other cars behind me that I was holding up the line when I only ordered two drinks, the lady behind me honked, asking what is the hold up…my son looked at me thru the rearview mirror and said
“Let me get out this car, that lady better stop honking at you,”
That’s just one time…pretty much don’t mess with his mom and your all good…LOL)
He now holds doors for me like a little gentleman, he knows to help with the groceries when we get home, and he’s a wonderful, loving big brother. He is a jokester, very funny…he makes me laugh everyday and after being around anyone he can get them to laugh to.


Kate - posted on 12/10/2010




My son is only 3 1/2 and he is always telling me he loves me and I'm a beautiful mommy. He will come up to me and hug me or kiss me for no particular reason.

He also is protective of me, he is currently learning about strangers so get real upset and tries to protect me from any strangers that talk to me when I am out with him.

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