New to group would like to discuss video games and lack of physical activity

Gloria - posted on 12/13/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have three boys. My oldest is 22 years old and he was always able to keep video games and outside playing balanced. I didn't have to make him. My two younger son's 11 yrs and 8 yrs are completely different. They do not play sports. We tried, we forced them and it was a nightmare so we stopped. Not only will they not play on a team they won't go out in the yard and play either.

All my kids care about is video games and computer games. It is a daily constant battle to keep it in check and I am so sick of it! Now please don't reply if your children are athletic and play sports or have other similar activities because that is not the personality of my children. And don't think for one second I haven't tried like hell to get them to do anything other than video games. I have climbed trees with them, built forts, played hide and seek, taken them on hikes. All the things I want them to do and that I did as a child. They just aren't interested.

I would like to hear from other parents that are struggling with these problems or have struggled with them in the past and found a solution. I am NOT interested in anyone telling me what a terrible mother I am because I can't get my kids to play sports or put my foot down and take away the games. It's just not that simple. You just can't understand unless you have children like mine who are not athletic in the least.

Also my middle son has severe (I mean severe!) social anxiety which he now takes medication for and it has dramatically improved. His therapist said children with social anxiety like this (which he was born with, trust me it's always been an issues since birth ;we couldn't even go to restaraunts when he was an infant) are easily drawn to video games because they can make friends online and not have to deal with them in real life. He is now much more social, has friends and will play outside sometimes if they come over, but again the main priority in his life his video games and computer.

Our youngest son is slightly more balanced in that he will go outside more and has a huge imagination and can entertain himself without games, but he is still somewhat addicted to them.

If anyone out there is struggling with these issues and would like to share please do so. I feel like I am going out of my mind. I would like to take a hammer to our PS3 and computer and just move out to a desert island somewhere! I am sooo sick of dealing with the constant complaining and begging to play games all the time.

Please tell me there is a realistic solution out there!


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Opal - posted on 03/11/2012




I have a 10 year old son who is autistic and LOVES his video games. Like you, it is hard to get him to do anything else. I also got tired of trying to force him to go outside and play so I got a Wii with a few really active games like Donkey Kong. I spoke with his doctors and they said as long as he is getting physical activity I shouldn't worry too much.

We had MAJOR issues with his PS2 and him playing it all the time and not wanting to play the Wii...that is until his TV broke. Now the ONLY way he can play games is on the Wii in the living room.

I decided that as long as he was healthy, I was not going to really push him to give up time on his games. Like you, our son gets very anxious and these games are very real to him. It would be like taking away a friend.

HUGS to you, I feel your pain. But I do know that things will get better. You may just have to try a variety before you find the right method for you and yours :)

Michelle - posted on 03/06/2012




My son is 8 the only time I can get him out side is by taking the controls away from him. He has a bike he wont ride, and he packs his game system up everytime he goes to his aunts house. My biggest problem is that I have to get him out side hes 9 and 139lbs and when he's gaming he gets sucked so far in that he ends up messing his pants. He has never been a self motivated player as little child and I think thats why he likes gaming. I have played with him a few times and he's taken pitty on me and did something I would like better for a while. I hope some one out there has advice for you. Just know you are not alone and Your a good mom, look at all the things you've done with and for your boys.

Nicole - posted on 02/24/2012




I have a 16 year old son who loves the PS3 and playing a game called RuneScape on the PC. He too, is pretty ant-social and would much rather be reading in his room or playing games, or writing etc.... than running around being active outside. We reached a compromise when he was younger, around 11 or so, where he could play as long as he long as he spent and equal amount of time outside. I didn't really care what he did outside, run around, read etc.. as long as he was outside in the fresh air. If I had to take the game controllers and PC with me to work to keep him from playing I did. I made it very clear that I controlled those games and if he didn't want to go outside and play or read or whatever then he could do it inside but he was NOT going to sit and play video games forever and never go outside or do something, anything, else. He hated it at first but now that he is 16 he can pretty much police himself and I don't have to stay on much :) I hope you are able to find a way that works for your family, it can be so difficult to battle the video games! Now, I'm having to work on the same type of thing with my 4 year old who loves playing video and computer games with his big brother.

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