Celiac Disease (wheat and gluten allergy)

Jaclyn - posted on 11/14/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




If anyone has any ideas on good meals to pack for my 8 year old daughters school lunch- I would be ETERNALLY greatful!!!


Jaclyn in Texas


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Brittney - posted on 02/14/2009




I give my children a soy protein shake for breakfast ( gluten free) cause cereal is hard to come by thats gluten free. I get it from www.shaklee.com.

and in there lunches i pack

Peanut butter balls:

rice krispie cereal 3cups

peanut butter 1 cup

honey 1/2 cup

instant soy protein 1/2 cup also form shaklee

mix and roll into bit size balls ( kids love them)

I also make granola cookie bars

peanut butter 1 cup

maple syrup 1 cup

soy protein 2/3 cup

2 2/3 cup vanilla almond granola

mix and spread in cake pan refrigerate

Julie - posted on 02/10/2009




We use Chebe bread mix to make flatbread for lunch-my daughter loves it! Especially with chicken salad-we use chicken, canola mayo, chopped up apples, pumpkin seeds, raisins and celery...very yummy.

Also-I make pumpkin muffins-adding apples, sweet potatoes, raisins, etc..basically whatever I can to pump up the nutrients. I freeze them and use them with lunch when we are out.

Hope that helps,


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I have been working with this for about 2 months. My son who is 7 started to act out a lot and we found it was the wheat and the gluten, crazy thing is he does not test for the celiac disease.

Anyway the hardest thing is lunch.  Everyone buys lunch and he can't.  I used to never buy the lunchables, but i found the nacho lunchable set has not wheat in it.  twice a week i let him take that for lunch with a full cut fruit and water.

Also the cheese puffs found in the organic markets or even here in our Giant don't have wheat.  Rice cakes, cheese sticks,  ham with chreem cheese in the middle and rolled up was good this week.

I found that the local Giant is also willing to order products if i let them know the brand.  They have a whole health food isle now.

Also for breackfast i found Checks cirial has gone Gluten free and are using whole grain rice.

Melanie - posted on 11/14/2008




Hi Jaclyn, I've been gluten-free for about 5 years and it is always a challenge. I usually end up bringing leftovers for lunch that I heat up - but this might not be possible for an 8 year old. Here are some other ideas: Sushi, or more specifically California rolls (yeah, I know it sounds weird), but it's easy to make at home - and you don't have to put raw fish in it. You can put veggies, cold chicken or shredded teriaki beef. I've even seen it with cream cheese and pineapple. Salad rolls, these are kinda like spring rolls or egg rolls but are not deep fried. They are easy to make, you can put tonnes of different things in them and they are wrapped in rice paper, usually served with peanut sauce, but I'm guessing she may not be able to take peanut sauce to school. You can also experiment with salads. My mom makes a good chicken and cantaloupe salad - you can makes lots of salads with chicken base and add various fruit and veggies. The dressings tend to be mayo based. Potato salad might be another option - with eggs in it there's a good source of protein. That's all I can think of for now - I hope that helps. These suggestions do take a fair bit of preparation, but there are not a lot of "convenience" foods that are gluten free (i'm sure you've figured that one out already).

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