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Lesley - posted on 10/28/2008 ( 13 moms have responded )




Hi everyone, new here. My 2 1/2 is allergic to eggs and some other stuff, but she really wants to decorate cupcakes. i have tried some eggless cupcake recipes and they were awful. Does anyone have any recipes that taste good, with no eggs?


Christina - posted on 08/30/2009




We also use the Ener-g egg replacer for any recipes that have 2 or less eggs. Also look for cake recipes that have sour cream (if there aren't any dairy issues) it makes a really nice texture. Have a really good white cake recipe that we use with the egg replacer. Contact me if you want it - I'd be happy to share. Been baking without eggs now for almost 15 yrs. because of son's allergy.


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Ronnie - posted on 08/24/2009




In the beginning i used the box cake mix and sub the eggs with applesause. Then i went to the library and got a recipe book baking with out eggs. We tried a few recipes and the kids like one of them. You have to make a few recipes and try things out before you find what you want. Good luck :0)

Tracy - posted on 07/20/2009




There is a powdered egg replacer by Ener-G. I have also used a mashed banana, applesauce, pureed prune. With eggless cupcakes, it's easier to make them in a paper muffin cup (for stability) and then decorate by using a pastry bag with different tips. If you try to spread the frosting, it will fall apart but the good news is that they will taste just as good.

Nicole - posted on 07/12/2009




My son is allergic to egg as well. The health food store was the way to go. I found "Vegenaise" - egg free "mayo" because I wanted to serve my son tuna and grilled cheese. I also found egg free multigrain, wheat, blueberry, and maple flavored waffles in the freezer section. The Ener-G egg replacer is awesome and worth every penny. So far I have used it in pancakes, muffins, etc.

Kury - posted on 07/10/2009




hi, my allergist gave me this egg replace recipe and it works for me for everything except brownies. for every one egg your recipe calls for use, 1 1/2 tbs oil, 1 1/2 tbs water, and 1 teaspoon baking powder, mix and that's what you use instead of an egg. I use it for waffles alot and for b-day cakes whenever one of my kids has a b-day so that my youngest (the one with the alergy) doesn't have to feel left out and she can have cake too! God luck!

Angi - posted on 01/08/2009




We use the following recipe! WE love it, my extend family now will only use this recipe because it tastes so much better than normal recipies. Try it out!

Milk, Egg, Peanut, Treenut, Rice, and Potato Free


(we make this for all of our birthday's due to allergies in our family, our friends and family have requested we make it for their birthday's because they love it so much!)


1 1/2 Cup Flour

1/3 Cup Unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 cup cold water

2 tsp vanilla ( i usually add three)

2 Tbl white vinegar (this acts as your egg)


Preheat over to 375 degree, grease 9 inch x 13 inch cake pan


Whisk together flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, and sugar. Set aside.


Combine oil, water, and vanilla in a large bowl.


Add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Stir to combine.


Add vinegar and quickly stir to combine.


Bake 25-30 minutes or until tester inserted in the center comes out clean. 


Add icing and enjoy!


Katrina - posted on 01/06/2009




I have had consistent luck substituting yogurt for eggs in baked goods that need to keep their shape (chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, muffins, cupcakes, etc). The substitution is 1/4 cup yogurt per egg and it works wonders! Yogurt-Choc.Chip cookies are our new family favorite.

Another easy substitute is 1 tbsp applesauce per egg, which I prefer over yogurt in pancakes and waffles. I've also used the sprite/coke and box cake mix recipe also. It tastes pretty good, but turned out to be a little too sticky for cupcakes with my toddler.

I have done all of my baking without eggs for the past year and nobody even notices the difference. Let me know if you need any specific recipes and I'll pass them along.

Danielle - posted on 12/05/2008




We love the "chocolate oil cake" on It sounds gross, but we had it for my daughter's birthday and everyone loved it. The best thing is, there are not that many ingredients and they're easy to always have on hand. Egg, peanut, and soy(use canola oil) free.

Jennifer - posted on 11/21/2008




In my grocery store in the health food department i found a box of what is called egg replacer it is a powdered mix and can be put into most recipes. Not boxed brownies though. I have used it for cakes, waffles, pancakes, etc. the taste is a little different but not bad. The brand of it is called ENER G. Hopefully you can find it. It cost me a little over $5. but is well worth it for the joy of him being able to eat foods that he would not be able to without it. And the box last for a long time. Good luck. Hopefully you can find it in your store.

Amanda - posted on 10/31/2008




I could give you some recipes later when I have more time, but check out this website Their chocolate cake mix is really good! The cake bakes up real nice. I found a store near me that sells these mixes so I don't have to order them online.

Jenifer - posted on 10/29/2008




Try subsituting applesauce, yogurt, mashed banana, pumpkin, or any pureed fruit or veg for eggs, its not the best if you use to the real stuff, but the the allergic child might think its is good or just get a box of cake mix, and mix it with a can of pop, sprite or 7up if white cake, or coke or pepsi for dark cake. Or. try this recipe.......


½ Can of condensed milk

100 ml of soda water

1/3 cup of butter

1 tablespoon of powdered sugar

1 1/4 pressed cups of all purpose flour

3/4 table spoon level of baking soda

3/4 table spoon of baking powder

2 table spoons of vanilla extract

Small baking dish

Method of Preparation

First Preheat the oven at 300 degrees before starting mixing . Take Maida(all-purpose-floor), with baking soda and baking powder and sift them . keep aside this mixture.

In a big bowl add butter and sugar and mix well together .Then add condensed milk and beat well for 5min continuously. Add soda water and beat well. Add vanilla extract and mix well till you feel that it has been puffed up . Add maida mix gradually and mix it in single direction. While mixing we must be very careful so that it will not create any lumps. Put a timer and mix it exactly for 3-4min in only one direction. Do not change the direction. Grease the baking dish with butter and put all purpose floor in it. Dust it properly and then pour the batter into the dish and bake it at 200 degrees for 5-7 min and then bake it at 150 degree for 35-40min. when done then remove it and keep it outside at room temparature. Do not try to remove the cake before it cools down.


Cream cheese 1 pack

2 sticks of butter

1 box of confectionary sugar

1 table spoon of Vanilla Extract

Take both of above and keep it in room temperature one night before you plan to do. Add Confectionary sugar to it. Then add 1 table spoon of Vanilla extract to it. After the cake is cooled, add the icing around it and over it smoothly. Dip the knife in hot water and then apply icing.

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