lactose intolerance/ ecxma

Kateryn - posted on 11/09/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




any suggestions for how to help my son with this would be much appreciated we have a cream for his ecxma but i really dont like to use something so strong on someone so little and he is currently happily breastfed/ soy milk for milk any suggestions would be much appreciated thanks


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Jenifer - posted on 11/10/2008




Have you been to an allergist for the excema? Mine has helped lots, plus he did the prick test and my daughter was allergic to nuts, and eggs, and when we took them out of her diet, her excema got much better. My son was the same, he was allergic to milk, I was breastfeeding, eating lots of dairy, and when I got him on the right diet, his skin got much better also. We use Renew lotion.

April - posted on 11/09/2008




hi, my son has suffered for 10years and for the last two me have just got it under control. it is hard but you should ask for skin test to be done and speak to ure health vistier as well. thers stuff that u can get for putting in there bath its called OILATUM EMOLLIENT it puts the oils back into there skin to help keep it soft . creams and stuff are trail and error until u find the right one.

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