Peanut Allergy And Starting Preschool.....

Angelique - posted on 02/16/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Any advice for a mom with a two year going to daycare with a peanut allergy?


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Jill - posted on 08/05/2010




make sure the teachers know how to handle the reprecussions of exposure to peanuts and your son.... my son will enter kindergarten in the fall .. he is allergic to peanuts , treenuts, milk and eggs... he is also allergic to touch....if you touch his skin with the residue of these foods he will have a reaction ... we had to have a meeting with all involved with him.. the principle,nurse,guidance,his teacher... we had to have his drs contact the school... permission slips for medicine , what to do in an emergency, persmission slips to administer the medicine, ...

make sure you do all this to avoid any emergencys with your son and this school.... i also plan to talk to the children so they know not to touch my son ...(if that is even a possibility).. we are going so far as to make sure to wipe his area clean in the cafeteria... so there is no cross contamination on the tables... and make sure he sits on an end so the chances of someone touching him in lunch are cut in half.

Andrea - posted on 05/11/2010




Biggest thing I've found with having a husband so allergic to nuts he can't even be in the same room with them, and now a son that may have the same allergy: don't be afraid of offending people - share information with other parents and the daycare staff (but be nice about it :D). Without you there to watch so carefully, they need to know what to watch for with a reaction and also what to do if there is one, and to make sure that the child doesn't end up sticking fingers into somebody else's pbj, as kids are wont to do :) And I really like the special lunchbox idea! May just use that one when my little guy goes to school :)

Allison - posted on 04/06/2010




my daughter is now 4 and has had a tree nut/peanut allergy for 2 years and she is in both daycare and preschool, we made a big deal about telling her she can't share food and to always ask if it has nuts in it. i made sure that i kept everyone informed and at school the nurse did inservices on allergies and anaphalaxis for the teachers. I also made sure that everywhere she went they are aware of her allergies(she is also allergic to yellow dye) and that she can only eat certain things. I had a few problems in the beginning but now that everyone knows what to look for we have had no issues.

Michelle - posted on 02/25/2010




Angelique, I was unable to put Lachlan into daycare due to his nut allergies but one thing the centre I was looking at going to was prepared to do was to send out a newsletter to their families stating that there is a peanut allergy child coming into the centre and they were going to ask if on the mornings of day care can their children not be given peanut butter on toast for breakfast. This centre had two cases of children that played with an allergy child after eating peanut butter on toast and ended up in hospital. Lots of centres are peanut and egg free but they explained that they cannot be totally responsible for what is eaten beforehand. I had never thought of that before and it was really lovely to know that the centre was willing to do that due to their experiences.

It had been suggested to me that I get a "special" type of lunchbox for Lachlan and make a huge deal of it then let him know that he can "only" eat food from his lunchbox. I started doing this and he became very possessive of it and wouldnt let his sister eat anything or swap food so that was a real relief to know that he did that. Comforting. Unfortunately for us though the daycare centre had to say no to us more for his corn and tuna allergy. Those along with the eggs and nuts were going to be high needs and make it unsafe to have him in that sort of environment.

I hope that it all goes well for you and please let us know how you go


Julie - posted on 02/23/2010




Make sure you have your allergy plan in place with all medication etc and talk to staff and be friendly. I have worked at a preschool for 5 years and we have children with allergies all the time (some anaphalaxis) we take good care of them and are very careful. (Im in Australia) good luck:)

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