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Moms of an Only Child

Moms with only one child


The challenges of raising an only

Only children present special challenges. Mom/Dad becomes playmate, confidant, sparring partner. Share your stories, successes, failures here. Ask questions, get answers......


New commers

At this time I would like to welcome all the newcommers and would like to invite everyone to post and join in. Give everyone some insite or something. Come on you dont wanna...


Having one child at this age is the best!

I have been enjoying my ds more and more as he gets older. He is almost 4 now and its so fun to try to teach him how to swing and run with him not to him at the park. He is even...


A little understanding

I hate that my friends, who have 2 or more kids, are constantly telling me how easy I have it. "You just don't get it, You wouldn't understand, You have it so easy!" These are...


How to help raise self confidence.

My daughter is 9 years old and as long as I can remember she has always lacked in self esteem. Dispite all the attention her father & I shower her with and all the compliments...


Tell us about your selves and your Only

I have 1 son who is well almost 4. He gose to preschool and loves it. He realy gets what its about to be an only child. We run a daycare out of our house and because of that he...


Why is it...

...people with multiple children feel the need to tell mothers of one that it's time to have another?!?!?