Pre K Separation Anxiety

Eydie - posted on 11/10/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




Has anyone found tools, books or otherwise, to help kids adjust to separation at school.

My daughter has had a lot of behavioral probs in preschool, on and off, since March.
The last few weeks, she screams when I leave her, although we have a goodbye routine. her only answer as to why she doesn't want to stay is "I be with you".



George-Ann - posted on 05/02/2011




My name is George-Ann Bains and I have gone through exactly what you are facing today with your daughter. I have written a book A Child's Story - Going to School with Anxiety which can be purchased at Amazon or www. I have also started a magazine The Anxious Child that will give you information on systematic desensitization. You can view the magazine at Your daughter needs to go to pre-school for only 15 minutes in order for her brain to adjust to being in the room at pre-school. So many things can be setting her off. Like too many kids, noise just leaving you. After 15 minutes and she is not crying and is calm increase the time to 25 minutes. Her brain is in overload with a full 2 hour program. You can try starting out slow and she may start calming down and you will be able to increase the time quite quickly. I took my daughter to preschool and had her stay the whole time with her crying and screaming. I later need a psychologist to help me. We started her off very slow with just the ten minutes and she worked her way up to 2 1/2 hours quite quickly. My daughter could not stand all the noise, numbers of children and a small room. I needed a letter from a psychologist in order to have an aid at school. Due to all the crying and screaming, the school said that they could not take her without an aid. Join Parenting with Empathy for Separation Anxiety as I give advice and the other moms have lots of advice as well.

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