Mom's of Autistic Children

This is a support group for parents with Autistic children.Idon't want a group of heated debates like i've witnessed on facebook or accusations like"if you didnt vaccinate your kids they wouldn't have autism" no room for this behaviour here.This network community is about sharing daily lifeTriumphs an trials an supporting each other during the tough days.So be kind and spread awareness of autism!


What is Autism?

autism: Definition Autism is a neuro developmental disorder of brain function and individuals with autism and autism spectrum range from mild to severely incapacitated...


My son in 19 months old

Hi I have a 19 month old son with sensory issue's he has not yet been diagnosed with Autism but he has recently began mouthing his hands to the point where he has been leaving...


In need of help

Does anyone have a toddler within the autism spectrum ? I just had a baby boy and have a three year old with sensory issues and other autistic issuse . i'm having a hard time...


potty training issues

We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel where our boy is concerned.It's been a long struggle or that's what it feels like.He just turned 4 and we hope he will be...


my introduction and a question

hi everyone! my name is annie and i have 5 daughters. my youngest, brianna, is 6 years old and just dx'd with PDD and is about to go get fully tested for autism. for years...