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hey yall....my son who is 10 just got diagnosed with asbergers syndrome...im soo scared, hes doing ok so far..on top of being autistic he is bi-polar and add and ADHD...I am absolutley terrified for him and im not sure how to handle him...hes on medication and he see got into child study centers in fort worth but im not sure how im supposed to handle all of this!!!


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Heather - posted on 04/23/2010




Don't be terrified for him just believe in him...... with the proper care and help he will be just fine you need to try to take him to a neurologist if you haven't already they tried ritalin, aderol with my daughter it only made her worst the one that has worked wonders is tegretol she takes 200 mg a day and its amazing it keeps her stable on top of tutoring and school too .......if he sees you frustrated more than likely hes gonna feed off of that too you just need to stay positive hun i know its hard but you will both be fine best of luck to you both

JSnnifer - posted on 02/11/2010




First step take a breath. Your son is the same child he was for the last 10 years nothing in that respect has changed. A diagnosis is just that nothing bout him will change but now you have more answers and more ways to find him and you help.With each diag there are more treatments available to you. Check with your city and state to find out programs that are now opened up to him. Its hard with something as common as this it should not be but it is. Call around to autism centers to find out the laws in your state. I have been going througt this for 7 years since my sons diag and it is hard it becomes your life but what better to b your life than your son. You will have your ups and downs days you will cry and days you will fight but you are not alone no matter how often it feels that way. and most inportant just remember to breath.

Michelle - posted on 01/13/2010




My daughter is HFA which is very similar to Asperger. I'm a high school teacher and one of my parents (whose son is Aspie) recommended this book: "Freaks, Geeks, & Asperger Syndrome" by Luke Jackson. Luke Jackson is a boy with Asperger so the book is a guide to help parents know what is going on inside their heads.

Also, getting him involved in anything physical will help a lot. It's very theraputic. Check out your local Parks & Recreation Dept. for what they have available. Usually they will make special accomodations for special needs kids.

Susan - posted on 11/13/2009




my 9 year old is autistic and now going through a ped neurologist because his school thinks he had adhd too.he was thought to have autism at three but didn't get his official dx until he was 6 he was non verbal till he was 4 saying two words . i have gone through many aba therapist that come to my home two days a week and now have a really nice woman that works well with him and me.it hasn't been easy to find just the right aba and many time i have asked them to leave my house because i didn't like how they treated my son.have you looked into a aba which means applied behavioral annalists and they can help alot. even if he is doing ok now it wouldn't hurt to have that extra back up if needed.

Jessica - posted on 11/05/2009




what keeps me going is he's not going to die from this, you need to be able to except it and then focus on helping him, right now you have to deal/cope with it but soon he will, (girl friends, jobs, high school, relationships ect.

stay strong

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Be strong. Dont freak out. I feel ya cus i know exactly what your feeling and going through. That WAS me about 2½ years ago. First off you are doing great by getting him on a medication to calm his ADHD. They need to do that to see what level of Autism your son has. It took us about 1 year or less to find the right medication and dose for our son. Getting your son into a study center is great too. Try to see what programs for Autism the local grammar school might have. Your son will be just fine. The day I stopped freaking out and crying is the day i realized I had to be strong for my son. Otherwise he was going to stay in a damn rut. It does take work to make these little guys learn but dont give up. My son knows a ton of stuff and is potty trained. It took a while for him to learn but he did learn. One phrase ive been hearing through out all this time is " when you give up, he gives up" So be strong, stern and try to be patient.

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