Moms of Autistic Children with Severe Self Injurious Behavior Problems

My 16 year old son is Autistic with a severe case of "Self Injurious Behavior" problems since he was 3 years old. Because of his violent serious episodes towards himself and to other members of my family, he was transferred to a Crisis Center 7 months ago. He has now dislocated his nose, broke it in three different places and broke his wrists. He has attacked staff and his teachers. He is now attacking staff and other strangers during his outtings. He is now a threat not only to himself but to others around him. The Crisis Center no longer can handle him or keep him safe. He is now being held at the County Children's Assessment Center where he will be transferred to a lock down facility next week. I tried everything from day one for my son and pray every day he gets well but he is just getting worse. He is the sweetest little boy anyone can ask for, but once he gets into a major meltdown, he is a totally different person. Amyone know of a better solution for this? Or could relate what I am going through?