Gavin's clubfoot.

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Hey everyone! My name is Julie and we are from South Carolina. My only child is Gavin, 2yrs old, and he is amazing. We knew by a Level II ultrasound prior to his birth that he would have clubfoot. My doctors told me that out of all birth defects, this would be the one you would most likely want to have (IF a baby had one) because it is so "easy" to fix. Well, it has been anything but easy. We starrted out with the weekly castings that somehow turned into multiple casts per week sometimes because Gavin would wiggle out of them. We had to soak the casts off @ home the morning of his appointments. By the end, we were using round edged garden shears to cut them off ourselves because it was so diffucult to soak them off. Then we tried the Ponsetti AFO's and they did not work at all. They were very uncomfortable for Gavin and he somehow always managed to come out of them no matter how tight we had them. We worked with a local Ortho in Charlotte,NC for about a year and then we heard about The Shriner's Children's Hospital and they specialize in orthopoedics. They have been absolutely wonderful! There is no financial burden whatsoever to the families, all care provided comes from donations the hospital receives. Gavin had to have surgery last April to loosen all the tendons around his foot and then he was in double casts with a bar between them for 6 weeks. We attempted the shoes again after the casts were removed, but we just have not been successful with getting him to wear them. It just breaks your heart to see them squirming because you know they're in pain. We have very few issues now. He started walking on his own @ 16 months and is all over the place now! His foot still slightly turns inward and is 2 whole sizes smaller than the right, but I'm just so happy to see that it does not inhibit his activities. A bit of advice for any of you that have to buy 2 separate pairs of shoes...I have found that at Stride Rite outlets, they will let you buy the 2 sizes you need with 40% each pair so that saves a fortune. I'm so excited about joining the group and look forward to hearing from everyone. I'm open to any questions! :0)


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Hi Julie!! I'm so excited that you have joined our group. I love talking with moms who have dealt with this same issue.
I was also told that of all birth defects, this one was the on you would "want" your child to have. (you know what i mean!) Thankfully, we have been very blessed that Oliver's feet did well with the casts. I also had to soak his off the night before his morning appts. The first time was AWFUL, but I got it to where I could do it in less than half an hour. Whew! What a task it was!
Oliver is now in KAFO's and they work great. Because they come up past his knee he is not able to wiggle out of them. Thank goodness!
Thanks so much for your story, and I look forward to getting to know you better!

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