Moms of babies in the NICU

This is for mothers who's children were in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Also for those who are having trouble with the developing of their child.


Suddenly getting impatient

My son Damien was born at 27 wks 1 lb 5.5 oz. We lost his twin sister at 23 weeks (and another at 6 weeks). I am at the 2 month mark in the NICU and have just began to want so...


bottle feeding

My daughter was born July 2nd and is still in the nicu. She had respiratory failure and thankfully survived that! But she just will not take her bottle and thats the last thing...



Hi, I'm Tikatia and my son, Amadeus, was just born on 12/20. His due date was 1/10/10 so he was only 3 weeks early, but he had resperitory distress syndrome and has been in...


My wee man

My don Dante was in the NICU from the night he was born till our fourth night in Christchurch Womens Hospital due to us both getting infections when my waters broke, Dante was...