Moms of Babies with Trisomy 13

For mothers who have had or have a child that has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13.


i need some advice

i lost my little boy emett at 21 weeks pregnant to full trisomy 13 on 29th november 2012, i find it hard but coping for my other 2 children, i have a 4 year old boy and nearly 3...


living with trisomy 13

Hello. I'm not a mom with a baby with Trisomy 13, but I am an aunt of baby with Trisomy 13. I was checking to see if there has been any conversation with other families dealing...


Little angel

I had a baby with Trisomy 13. His name was Ethan and he lived for only a few hours after birth. We were with him for his whole life, start to finish, which is not something...