Moms of bi-(and multi-)racial children

I'm Black and my husband is White. Our children are "Other". They are loved and accepted by both extended families. ISSUES: Why does the government make them choose? Why can't they pick "all that apply"? How do you explain to them that their skin color doesn't "match" your own? Why do people ask "where did you get them" when they were infants and the two of you were out in public? And the most pressing question:... WHAT HAIR PRODUCTS WORK BEST?!?!?


New here

ok so hi everyone, im new here. I have four children, their father is African, and i am hmmm my racial background is hard to explain and im not really sure of, lets just say...


Hi every1 im new here

Hi my name is Stephanie im 21 yrsz old im dominican & my son's father is white/arabic, we have a 2 1/2 yr old son his name is Isaac & he's White/Arabic/Dominican, any1 feel like...