Black and Asian children?

Mateya - posted on 03/05/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




To all the Black Mommy's with Asian mixed babies How does your Family feel about it?


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Miracle - posted on 01/16/2018




My dad is black and mom was asian, she died when I was very little so i was raised by my dad. his family accepted me always. i have children with a black man, so they are lightskin (im not too dark and neither is he) and both our families accept it

Sunny - posted on 03/12/2009




Hi I'm Asian and my husband African. It took a long time for my parents to accept my husband. Unfortunately they are really old-school to put it nicely and wanted me to marry within my race. I lost contact with them for a couple of years because they were so anti. It was a sad situation but fortunately my husbands parents were and are really great. Now, my mum is ok. She is 'tolerant' of my man and likes seeing her grandson. It took some years though. But regardless I wouldn't have changed the situation at all because I love my man and we have a wonderful relationship. If your relationship is strong, hopefully it will be able to withstand any pressure that you may encounter (but it does take understanding, courage and strength on both your parts as it can be hurtful if they are against interracial relationships). What is your situation?

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