Caucasian-Asian Mix Children

Sandy - posted on 11/03/2008 ( 8 moms have responded )




Mandy is 3/4 Caucasian and 1/4 Asian. While living in Japan, I'm not concerend about her fitting in. My concern is when we move back stateside. We plan to retire in Texas (near Kileen) where my husband's family lives. I'm concerned that prejudices run high in Texas, especially in the country where we expect to live. Although I'm sure they're familiar with mixed black-white-brown mixes, yellow-white mix doesn't seem as predominant there unless it's at the church cakewalk event. Does anyone have any insight or opinion on this?


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I'm going to be very frank about a fact that is not at all pretty:

In the American South and Southwest, when it's a question of who might be a target of racial prejudice, Asian isn't the race that "counts." I wouldn't worry about it at all in connection with moving to Texas.


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Jovanne - posted on 04/08/2013




I am from the Houston, Texas area and it is very diverse and mostly accepted. Kileen is more of a small-town and may be slightly different. I am white and my husband is Vietnamese and we are expecting a son soon. I have a daughter from a previous relationship who is white. My husband is a wonderful step-father and people are very accepting where we live. I currently live in a very small-town on the gulf coast and feel very welcome here. Church events help a lot as well as the school functions. I'm not sure about Kileen, but in Houston and where I live now, there are large Asian communities. There are many blended families of either Hispanic, African-American, or Asian origins. I think it is absolutely wonderful to be in an area influenced by so many cultures.

Lisa - posted on 03/07/2011




Your baby is just beautiful. I am Caucasian and is my husband and kids. My oldest son is to be stationed in Japan, and I would absolutely love it if I get grandchildren that are part Japanese! I work in a maternity ward, and when I see these babies, I just fall in love with them.

Casey - posted on 07/26/2009




A lot of my boyfriend's family who are Laotian live in Texas and they seem to love it there.

Cathy - posted on 11/10/2008




Hi moms. I live here in Michigan and my kids (my son's 3 and my daughter's 18mos) are 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Mexican and a 1/4 Caucasian. Interesting mix right? They look more Asian than not, but if you put them next to a 100% Japanese child you can definitely tell they're "half" as we call it in Japanese. Since they speak Japanese at home they refer to themselves as Japanese, but they know to embrace their other nationalites as well. They think it's cool to be tri-racial! Go melting pot!!

Oneika - posted on 11/07/2008




My son is 1/4 asian, & we haven't had any problems. My hubby is the eldest of 6, all half asian/half white. They also have family all over the country, from California to Wisconsin & even Alabama. Also, none of them are adopted, so I don't think you should worry too much about the yellow-white mix. I actually know of quite a few families outside of my husband's that are that way.

Cari - posted on 11/07/2008




My children are 1/2 asian (korean) and I also wonder about this at times but you can't change other peoples opionions. Teach your daughter to be proud of who she is and tell her how beautiful she is and hopefully if she does encounter some prejudice she will know not to let it bring her down.

Valerie - posted on 11/07/2008




Is this Mandy on the photo? She does not look Asian at all. If she's like my son (also 3/4 Caucasian 1/4 Asian), she looks slightly Asian when her eyes are closed and that's it. I'm not sure about TX being racist. True their mixes are mostly with the Hispanic community but when I went there with my husband (1/2 Asian), he encountered no problem whatsoever. I'm sure Kate Beckinsale (also 1/4 Asian, 3/4White) wouldn't either...

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