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Has anyone every dreamt about the sex of the baby you were having or what the baby would look like and it all turned out true or close to it???
I DID, I keep a dream log, because I have so many crazy dreams all the time, anyway in 2008 on October 16th that afternoon after I woke up from a nap I wrote down my dream. (I will keep it short and sweet, ill just give you the main parts)
I was the mother of a boy!!! He had curly hair and slanted eyes and, he hugged me and was happy to see me and I him. I felt love like a mother does…. but when I woke up I was scared because I was not wanting to have another kid, I was having too much fun!!!! Now almost two years later I have a baby boy with curly hair and slanted eyes.
Tell me your story!! ;-)


Candace - posted on 11/05/2010




I had many dreams of having a baby girl so we just knew we were having a girl but was shocked the day of the ultrasound when we saw that "she" had a little something extra between her legs!! Either way we were still excited!!

Jennifer - posted on 07/07/2010




my husband and i have been together for 4 1/2 years. 1 year in we split for a few months and i was extremely depressed and ready to give up on the world (my dad died around the same time, to make matters worse). just when i was feeling at my worst, i had a dream that i was going to hang myself from a cliff but some deep voice came outta nowhere and said "wait, you're not done yet" and then the whole scenery changed and right before my eyes, it was as if i was hovering over myself, i looked down and saw my husband standing on my right side and we were gazing at our beautiful baby girl. 3 1/2 years later we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. i knew it was a girl even before the ultrasound tech told me. something about that dream was just so unforgettable that it made me strive harder to get my life back together and keep up hope in my relationship.


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Antoinette - posted on 03/28/2014




I have had dreams of what I was having with both of my babies. My 4 year old son as soon as I got pregnant I knew he was a boy, is just a gift God gives to some people. And when I got pregnant with my second child I knew from the start she was a girl. It's just crazy like that sometimes

Marija - posted on 11/09/2010




Im so interested in dreams. I am 35weeks pregnant and always dreaming of my son. It creeps me out most when I see his face, looks just like his brother. He is also a little angel, sleeps and feeds well. HERES HOPING! haha..

Nicollette - posted on 11/07/2010




the dreams oh the dreams..i had so many..they started out with me losing my baby killed me ugh worse nightmares EVER...anyway i had a few dreams of when my daugther was like around 3 never newborn this was before i found out she was a girl to tell you the truth everyone in both mine and my hubbys family have boys so i was sure i was gonna have a boy but i kept dreamin of this tan babygirl with dark brown curlyish wavy hair with dark brown eyes so beautiful ive never seen such a beautiful angel i found out i was havin a girl at 20 weeks and i was suprised but kinda knew then i was like well maybe shes gonna look like the little girl in my dream i dunno yet shes only 1 is tan has straight dark brown hair but its really short could turn out curlyish wavy like my dream and she has dark brown eyes and like in my dream shes the most beautiful angel ive ever seen...i thank God for her everyday

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I have done just that not about what my baby would look like but in my dreams (yes i had more than one) My unborn child was a boy and i called him Dominic in the dream whitch is the name we picked for our new baby to come when the day came to find out what the sex was my 3 dreams were right i was having a BOY!!!

Krystal - posted on 10/14/2010




Well I didn't have any dreams but my aunt did...and she said I had a boy with super light skin and dark straight hair...and when my son was born that's what he looked like!!!

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I didn't know I was even pregnant at the time. I had hoped I was just ill. I knew it was a possibility and I was struggling with the idea of being pregnant. One day I was just so tired I fell asleep in the afternoon.... I had the most amazing dream. I saw a little girl with long beautiful brown hair with curls winding down her back... Big brown beautiful eyes that just took your breath away... and the sweetest face I had ever seen.... she looked just like her father. She came to me and told me everything was okay. She hugged me and told me to listen to her heart and she grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest and said her heart beats just like mine and her father's. After touching my face and and putting my hands on her face she kissed my cheek and told me she wanted to live and then I woke up. I now have a 14 month old who fits that description and she's absolutely beautiful in every way possible.

Shell - posted on 09/24/2010




When I was pregnant with my daughter I kept dreaming of having a boy - one of the dreams, our baby "boy" was blonde and I knew that wouldn't happen as I am Filipino and my partner is caucasian Australian with dark brown hair, and my pregnancy with my son, my dreams were of me having a girl. I guess in my case, my dreams were just dreams and not telling me something, lol.

Amber - posted on 07/06/2010




I had a dream when I was pregnant that I had a baby boy and he was so tiny. I found out at 19 weeks I was having a boy, but I already knew it. My son was born full term weighing 5lbs 5 oz. So I did have a tiny baby boy just like my dream

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