Easiest way to do my sons hair ?

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I was wondering if there is anyone that can help with my sons hair . My baby boy is almost 3 months old & his hair is getting Very curl ! He is half black half white . His daddy is black im white . This is my first baby & im a young mommy . His dad works & goes to high school monday - friday so i do stuff on my own basicly till the weekend . I just need to know what the easiest way to do my son Camerons hair ?


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Cut it short with just a little left to show off the curls, get coconut oil (you can buy organic at ralphs in the oil isle for like $5), and show off. I think that is the easiset and simplest way to care for his hair. Obviously you wont need to cut it now but later you can just keep it trimmed. When he gets older he can decide how he wants to do it.

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At three months there's not too much you can do. I used to put some baby oil when he was an infant and just style it with my fingers but be careful because that has mineral oil and mineral oil can dry out the hair. There are hair products for babies of color. Once my son's (also named Cameron) hair grew out a little I would use Soft & Precious cream. Pink is also a good one.
Once he is older and his hair is ready for styling you will need to try different regimens to see what works best for Cameron's hair. My oldest son is 2 1/2 and I finally figured out recently what works for him. His hair will go through lots of changes over the next couple of years.
As Nina said, it should not be shampooed too often. If his hair is more like his father's than he probably only needs shampooing once a week.

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depends on the curl. my son's hair curled, but the texture was like white people's hair, so I would wash his hair 3 times a week and put baby oil or vaseline (baby oil is better) to help it look neat and shinier. once it got to be really long I just put it in a ponytail because braids wouldn't stick anyways. If your son's hair texture is more in between or like his dad's, only wash it about twice a week and baby oil as well.

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It really depends on the kind of curls your baby has, but, being that he's almost 3 months old, I imagine you could start off by not shampooing his hair as often as you may shampoo yours. One mistake I think many of my friends have made at first is thinking the hair needs shampooing as often as theirs. Curls needs more moisture and when it dries out too much, it no longer has that shiny look and sometimes will feel dry.

You might want to spray a little detangler in his hair and brush it with a soft brush depending on how much hair he has.

Some curls are really tight while others are very loose or spiral curls. Maybe that's all that you will need to do, see how that works; maybe you may want to just run your fingers through his hair instead of brushing it if you can kind of style it that way. The best of luck with your sweet pea.


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Cleaning - At three months safety should be first so only tearless shampoo is best. Aveeno makes an organic baby wash that is tearless that will allow you to use on all over. It is all natural and has extra moisturizers. Surprising the more closely his hair texture looks like his dad's the drier it is going to be. Even using this moisture rich wash Cameron's hair and scalp may start to look dry. To correct this condition add a drop of baby oil to his baby wash when cleaning his hair and go longer days between shampoos.
Cleansing instruction - his hair requires that you don't work it into a lather. No bubbles are even required. Full focus should be on the scalp without working shampoo into curls, rubbing will cause matting and breakage to his curl structure. Your finger tips making the tiniest tight circles, barely moving in one area at the scalp gently is followed by you picking your hand completely up from his hair and bringing your fingertips down to repeat in another area until your fingers have touched all his scalp. WATER IS A DRYING AGENT so work quickly and rinse only using as much warm water as needed. Just the baby wash rinsing down his hair will clean his locks for now. When he is more active in his environment and getting things in his hair like food, you may want to address each section of hair, front,left side, right side and back a section at a time to clean the hair so that you do no cause matting and breakage of his sensitive hair.

Brush or comb - the extremely soft baby hair brush is all you should use for those tight little curls. For grooming now his hair may only require gentle finger straightening but as he gets older his hair type requires brushing every day to ensure he doesn't develop any mats. If you focus on the back of his hair at the crown daily with a gentle brush (no comb) then his curls with stay and the mats wont develop.

Emma - posted on 07/13/2012




Well he has tight black curls but they are soft , they still can get kinda nappy so ill do that so his hair looks good & healthy .

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