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I was just wondering how everyone else's family feels about your partner being a different race and your children being ''mixed''? I am white and my husband is black. I am from Holland and he is from Ghana we now live in London, UK. When i told my family about my husband being from Ghana they were not very impressed when I got pregnant lots of them told me that it would be so diffecult for the child being 2 races. Like I said I live in London and we never really get any comments regarding our race we live in a an area were there are lots of mixed families. But when I go to Holland everyone comments all the the time, I have had comments saying ow it is good that she is not that dark, some one bought me baby clothes and said I didn't know what to buy for a dark baby, and when we go somewhere people will always comments on the coloured baby! I know in Holland it is not that common for races to mix but I would at least expect my family to support me. I know they love my daughter and don't really care about her colour but they always seems to make these insensitve comments.

Does anyone else have this and what do you do??


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LOL that is so wierd. My husband (who is black) has an uncle that is married to a woman from Holland!

Sorry back to the subject :)

My parents said their piece about how hard it would be for our children (I already had the how hard it is to be in an interracial relationship back in high school) and then they dropped it. They love my Hubby (more then me sometimes) and both of my daughters and never make any comments... Well mom will tell me how great Kayla's hair looks but I was haveing a hard time finding the right thing to put in it.

Hubby's Family... His mom's side is better then his dad's side. About half his cousins have married a different race and no one ever says anything. I've heard what a pretty compliction Kayla has and when she was first born, they were asking if I did Kayla's hair or just let it go wild.

His dad's family is for the most part ok. But his step mom (while I was prego) kept calling the baby a "zebra" and has harrassed me for the last year about "doing her hair right". She thinks I should use hair products like she uses in Kay's hair but Kay's hair is a mixture, not black.

I didn't have to do anything with anyone but his step mom. I finally just went off after trying to be nice and tell her she didn't know what she was talking about.

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I guess we're lucky that we never had too many problems with this. I'm also white and my partner is black and our son could pass as white any day. I know when my partner goes out with our son people do look and someone even asked who's baby it was or where did he come from. Odd stuff like that. I think as more and more people are biracial it is becoming easier on kids. Just let people know upfront how you really feel so this doesn't happen later on down the road when your child is older.

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